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I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the service and support your company gave me when you installed our 16 camera system at our new retail center. the system that was recommended and installed is exactly what we were looking for and has performed great! I would strongly recommend your company and its products to anyone that is looking to install a camera system.
Brian Showalter - Reid Properties
TSCM America does a lot of work with Spy Centre and they do a very good job on educating their customers.
Michael Morrison
The entire process was excellent and that he was very satisfied with Michael's work as well as the installation and camera angles.
Will M.
Thank you for your great service!
Jeff & Grace Lee
The best Place to do business. Entire staff is amazing. They have time after time helped my small business. They will work with you if you don't have much money.. Spy center security is awesome!!!!!!
Sajeet Damani
Thanks again for helping us out with using the TV Burglar Deterrent Device for our production of, "The Sunshine Boys"! It worked great!
Stephen - I wanted to say thank you for the Spy Center team’s assistance and professionalism in the planning and installation of the camera security system for my residence. From the initial discussion, plan, budgeting, equipment selection and installation process to the follow up checking that everything was operating as designed, the Spy Center team’s advice and professionalism was more than I could have anticipated. I am truly impressed with the knowledge and manner in which my security concerns were addressed and handled. I look forward to working with the Spy Center further when I consider expanding on the system capabilities. Thanks again to all who took part.
William J. Marx
Dominic was the best! Knows his stuff. Can answer any questions about any product he sells! He was awesome!
Debra W.
Don't worry about your business or home. Get notified bye your smartphone when you get an intruder at location with a text when you're camera 's pick up movement! You can call police or next door neighbor to catch criminal or get high quality video on phone to prosecute! You can also use it to set off special events inside that intruder won't be able to deal with. Many forms of service available for inside treatment.
Jay Tipton
Your pricing was very competitive, the system is working well for us. I would definitly recommend your company to a business like mine.
Mike B. Vice President - North Texas AAA Pallet Co. INC