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Body Worn Camera Buyer's Guide

Posted by Brian Frazier on

So what’s available for body worn video recording equipment? Body worn equipment can be used in many applications from secret shopping to recording personal interactions. 

Certain types of body worn can have advantages over others but it all depends on what the situation demands.

Full body worn kits normally include a hidden camera and a pocket or mini DVR.  Handheld body worn items are normally items such as pens, flash drives and even Bluetooth earpieces.

More advanced body worn kits can have audio, extra battery packs and even a built in LCD screen on the DVR to be able to review video while still on site or even show others.

Less expensive items like DVR glasses or pens require the video to be played off of the SD card and usually through a computer.  Some other items can be connected directly to a monitor to review footage.

When would I need to use body worn recording equipment and what type would be best for me?

So what does your situation demand?  Do you need to give customer service training being a secret shopper?  Need to film video hands free for a work or school project? Conducting interviews but don’t want to distract your subject?  Body worn recorders can be good alternatives when you’re unable to introduce a new object into your environment or being in an environment not your own.

Small hand held recorders often have shorter battery life than a full size body worn kit, but the greatest advantage is being able to record at a moment’s notice.  These devices are often disguised as everyday commonly used items.  Recorders such as pens, glasses, earpieces, etc not only blend in well with many situations but they’re quick start recorders that are easy to operate and can be kept within reach.

Full size body worn kits often have a longer battery life with hot swappable batteries but they normally require to be equipped in advance and sometimes modifications need to be made to clothing.  Full size kits also allow for more diversity by being able to choose different camera types for low light situations.  Button camera kits allow you to personalize your equipment and keep it discreet.

Think about your situation, what will you be heading into?

  • Secret shopper
  • Potential verbal conflict
  • Helping a loved one with their memory
  • Potential harassment
  • Leaving a video note
  • Potentially violent conflict
  • You tube fun, sporting events, holiday video’s
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