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Key Chain Voice Recorder Review

Posted by Max Powers on

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It may be a Texas thing, but have you ever noticed how common it is for people to walk around with their keys in their hands? Maybe it's a status thing, or maybe it's just a comfort level, but it's incredibly common and part of the norm.  This is part of the advantage of the key fob audio recorder.  When it's socially normal to walk into a room, sit down, and drop your keys on the table, then this little sucker is hidden in plain sight.

Easy to Use Audio Recorder That Does Not Require Back Flips to Use

One of the huge advantages of all the audio recorders we carry is ease of use.  This might sound like common sense but there are a whole bunch of audio recorders on the market that require you to do back flips to make the device work.  The key fob audio recorder is a simple 2 button process to begin, and even offers vibration feedback to let you and only you know that the mode is selected.  This can really make a difference when you're in a tight situation and need to know it's working without calling attention to to yourself.

The Covert Key chain Voice Recorder Boasts 50 Hours of Standby Battery Life While in Voice Activation Mode

Another huge improvement is the voice activation mode.  Previous models are limited to just continuous recording, and that is all well and good for a ton of applications, but having a voice activated feature really does add an extra dynamic to what you can do.  The Key Chain voice activated recorder can either record continually for 10hrs, or be voice activated for up to 50hrs. That's a full 2 days!

The biggest question and concern I hear about the key fob is the obvious stuff.  Won't people notice my keys are out? And, "Won't people notice that these don’t look like my car keys?" Both are good questions, but it really shouldn't be much of a concern.  The truthful answer is both of these are correct, people will notice them out and they will notice it's not your car keys.  But, that really shouldn't matter either way.  For one, you'll probably have your real car key fob on the same ring as the audio recorder key fob.  Most people would just assume it's to something else with your car, like an alarm or something unique.  While having your keys out is so common that a quick glance is all the attention you would get anyways, even if the keys are to a Ferrari or something exotic. Plus if it was something exotic it would probably blend in better since not many people know what those key fobs look like anyways, but the same could be said about any car.

Record a Wide Variety Issues with your Key-Fob Audio Recorder

So, what unique things can you record with the key-fob voice recorder, compared to any other audio recorders? Easy, anything with a car for one. Say your cars been having issues and you have to take your car into the shop for a quick brake job. They need your keys for that. They also usually take your car for a quick spin afterward to test it out, and you already know where I'm going with this. Another unique thing you can do with an covert audio key fob is record in plain sight, that's a big deal for high quality recording. But it also means that you can do this practically anywhere. The last one is kinda sneaky, but just like the repair shop guys potentially hot rodding your vehicle around the block. Teen drivers are young, inexperienced and frankly you want to keep them safe and out of trouble. Just keep the key fob audio recorder attached to your normal keys, and make sure they are not out doing something they are not supposed to when they borrow the car.

In many ways an audio recorder can be quite handy to have around, the key fob recorder is no exception. It's versatile, and simple. In my years of experience the one thing I remind all my clients is that audio recorders really are a useful tool after your intended use.  This is insurance and having the recorded data of the event can really make a difference that simply remembering or asking just can't compare too. You can't go wrong with this option and it comes highly recommended.

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