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Flash Drive Voice Recorder Review

Posted by Max Powers on

Have you ever seen a USB Flash Drive? Ever seen one just lying around in a drawer or on a counter? What about on someones key chain? Well, it's possible that those inconspicuous Thumb Drives that are so prevalent in modern society is a powerful, voice activated audio recorder!

Don't believe me? Well you should. You found this article on SpyCentre.com after all

Let me present to you the White USB flash drive audio recorder. It is small, at under 2.5inches. Discrete and looks just like a regular flash drive. Simple to use with one button toggle wheel activation, 15hrs of continuous battery life and has the ability to be activated on sound alone 25 days later. The audio pickup is incredible, and can easily be placed in or around an object to stealth it further. The internal memory of this little sucker is 4GB and that can hold 144hrs of audio. So.. simply put, this thing can do some serious damage and look completely ordinary.

The best part of the thumb drive is it's simplicity. You could be 8 or 80 and its so simple to use that it takes little effort to achieve your goal. A full charge on this USB audio device is a fraction of time at 1.5hrs and no special software is needed for the standard MP3 file to play it back on your PC or Mac. You really can't ask for a better weapon in your arsenal. Just place, leave, and let the Flash Drive do all the work. It's that simple.

So what are some disadvantages for this device?

Good question, I guess the only thing working against it would be reading this article and you know it exists. But honestly, that doesn't really mean an expert wouldn't over look it. Some of the most common questions I've heard were what would happen if someone plugs it in to a computer. There's no getting around this one, part of the trade off of simplicity and ease of use is that there's no way to completely hide the files without compromising the ability for the device to work consistently. This is something to consider before use, and dose actually work to your benefit if you think about it. If the recorder was going to be in a position that is likely to get compromised, then leaving it out in the open to begin with would compromise the device. The high quality audio pick up range gives you the flexibility to move your covert audio flash drive around in the open or find more suitable spot out of the way. So lets look at some advantages and how to use it.

What are some outside the box ways of using the audio recorder?

In my years of experience having a fast acting audio recorder is something everyone should have on them. Just by the nature of interacting, things need to be documented and archived. Some non nefarious usages are recording a lecture, business meetings, topical conversations, interviews, dictation, and even novice paranormal recording. Yes I went there. You would be amazed how often I have individuals who report voices, or strange sounds that come in and see me in person. The high quality recording really dose produce a crisp clean track for playback, so maybe now you can prove to that pesky hotel clerk that yes, you really are hearing children singing creepy nursery rhymes at 3 o'clock in the morning last Friday on the 13 floor making it incredibly difficult to sleep.

So, if your needing something stealthy. Something easy to operate. Voice activated, and high quality. This flash drive recorder makes a great tool in order to achieve that bit of data that could make all the difference in the world.


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