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Weather Station Hidden Camera Review

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If you have ever looked into a nanny camera or any sort of hidden camera, I am sure you're 100% aware that there are hundreds of different options out there. Our WiFi weather station is a great fit for nearly any indoor situation, especially considering the fact that it is a fully functional weather station & alarm clock. Another beautiful thing about this nanny camera is the fact that it can be either wall mounted or placed on a desk, counter, night stand etc.. the wall mount feature is great because you're simply not always in a situation where you can just place it on a table, so being able to wall mount it is a great option for anyone.

When you receive this product it will include the WiFi weather station, the outdoor weather beacon, power adapter for the camera, CD manual & quick start guide. While using this weather station hidden camera I'd definitely recommend to plug it in for continuous power, it can be battery operated for up to 4 hours which I is nice just encase you lose power at your home or business.

Quick and Simple Set Up

Setting up this device is not very difficult, you will need to download the application onto your phone (Pro ICam) and while you have the app downloading go ahead and insert your micro SD card into the camera, once you have the SD card inserted you will need to plug the camera into the wall and turn the nanny camera on by a switch on the side so that it can start booting up and emitting its WiFi signal. You will need to wait about 3-5 minutes for the WiFi signal to be emitted from the camera. Once you are able to connect to the cameras WiFi you'll enter back into the application on your phone and scan the QR code on the camera to add in the cameras IP information. You'll notice after you do these steps you are actually able to login and see the camera BUT it is not on your home WiFi, last but not least you will need to go into the "advanced config" option for that camera and simply select "WiFi config" and enter in your home WiFi information at that point. After you've entered in your homes WiFi information you should be able to login and view the camera at any point in time.

Log in From Anywhere in The World With Your WiFi Hidden Spy Camera

The advantage to having a WiFi enabled spy camera is you can log in live any place at anytime as long as you have an internet connection or 3G/4G connection on your cell phone. Also being able to get motion notification alerts sent to your cell phone is another great feature! Another fantastic thing about having a WiFi hidden camera is the simple fact that you can review all of your recordings without having to retrieve your SD card, so even if you travel a lot you still have the ability to go back take a look at what happened in your home during that time frame while you were not there and this can all be done through your cell phones app.  

Change Your Settings at Any Point Through Your Pro ICam App

You can change the DVR's settings at any point through the Pro ICam app, switching between continuous recording, motion activated recording, time and date, formatting the SD card and more.

You Do Not Have To Set This Camera Up Onto Your WiFi Network For It To Operate As A Hidden Video Recorder

I do want to mention that you do not have to set this camera up onto your WiFi network for it to operate as a hidden video recorder, you will still need to download the app and connect to the cameras WiFi so that you can at least setup the DVRs time & date settings and if you want it in continuous recording or motion recording but once it is setup to go you can simply add the SD card and plug it in. Once powered up this hidden camera will start recording based on how you set it up. Since you wouldn't have the live view setup you would need to remove the SD card from the camera and insert it into your computer to review any of the recordings, once you've removed the SD card and inserted it into your computer you should get prompted with a "removable disk drive" alert, if you click on that alert it should give you a couple different options; you will need to select the "open folder to view files" option, once you have entered the file folder location for that SD card you should be able to see  your "video" files which will have all the recordings stored. Simple drag and drop them to your desk top to copy them over and double click any file to play it. Since you do not need any special software your video should start playing through windows media player, if not use VLC media player or Quicktime.

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