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8GB Pro Voice Recorder with 55 Hour Battery Life

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Professional Voice Recording Just Got Better

The Professional Grade Pro audio recorder comes in a sleek, compact body and has more features and accessories than most other recorders on the market. 

It can hold up to 4,596 hours of audio recordings, has built-in advanced tri-microphone technology, background noise filters, user configurable settings and accessories available to record your cell phone conversations.

How Does The Pro Voice Recorder Work?

This recorder is simple to use.  To turn the device on simply press the silver Play button.  To make a recording just press the red record button. Once you have pressed the record button the device will start recording and you will see a red light turn on to indicate that it is recording.  The Pro Voice Recorder has different folders so you can separate your recordings.  Listen to the recordings directly from the recorder or download to a any computer using the provided USB cable to save important recordings.

Why Choose The Pro Digital Voice Recorder?

Looking for a great digital audio recorder with all the latest features and accessories?  This versatile digital voice recorder is great for conversation recording when you are face to face with someone, simply slide it in your pant pocket, jacket pocket or shirt pocket. It also comes with some great accessories that allow you to record your cell phone calls and landline calls.  Additionally it features a covert recording mode where the built in LCD screen turns off giving the recorder the appearance it has been shut down but in actuality it is recording everything being said making this model the most versatile digital voice recorder on the market.

That's not all, this digital voice recorder offers date and time stamped files, a 55 hour battery life on 2 AAA alkaline batteries and multiple recording quality modes allow you to decide the quality of recordings you would like to capture. It has a built in 8GB flash memory which can store up to 4,596 hours of audio recordings when in SLP quality mode.

This recorder also has the ability to be set up to record on a schedule and can recover deleted files. Downloading your files is quick and simple, plug this device into your PC or MAC and drag and drop your files onto your computers desktop. No software required to listen to your recordings just play them back in VLC media player, windows media player or iTunes.

Pair the Pro Voice Recorder With These Recommended Accessories

  • Amplified Microphone Click Here
  • Cabled Amplified Microphone Click Here
  • Pro Audio Recorder Power Adapter Click Here
  • Pro Audio Recorder 120 Hour Battery Pack - Click Here
  • What can the 8GB Pro Voice Recorder be Used For?

    • Recording Conversations
    • Recording Lectures
    • Recording Business Meetings
    • On-the-Go Covert Recording
    • Law Enforcement Evidence Gathering
    • Record Cellphone Calls
    • Record Landline Calls
    • Record Verbal Abuse at Work or Home
    • Dictation Device

    What are the Features of the Pro Digital Audio Recorder?

    • Covert record mode
    • Recover deleted audio files
    • Cell phone recording
    • Telephone recording
    • Voice/noise activated recording
    • Background noise filter
    • Voice guidance
    • Triple microphones
    • PCM (High Quality Recording)
    • 55 Hour battery life
    • Schedule recording
    • No software required
    • MP3 format
    • Audio pick up range: 40ft in optimal conditions
    • Compatible with a PC or MAC

    What's Included with the 8GB Pro Audio Voice Recorder?

    • 8GB Pro Voice Recorder with 55 Hour Battery Life
    • Stereo Earphone
    • USB Cable
    • 2 x AAA Batteries
    • User Manual
    • Telephone Recording Adapter
    • Telephone Cord
    • Cell Phone Recording Microphone
    • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


    Quick Start Guide


    • Recording Media: Built in Flash Memory
    • Dimensions: 34.8 x 17.4 x 98 (mm)
    • dimensions: 4Inch x 1.5 x 1.5
    • Weight: 43g (excludes batteries)
    • Display: LCD
    • PC Interface: USB High-speed 2.0 mini-USB
    • Power Supply: 2 x AAA
    • Battery Life: 55 Hours
    • Output: Earphone 3.5mm, impedance, 16 or more Plug (Stereo)
    • Speaker: Built-in 30mm round dynamic speaker
    • Input: Built-in Center Mic, 6.0mm, impedance 2.0k
    • Input: Built-in Left/Right Mic: 5.8mm, impedance 1.6k
    • Frequency Range: 20 Hz ~ 20,000 Hz


    Q: Can the Pro Audio Recorder do voice activation recording?
    A: Yes, the Pro Audio Recorder can do voice activation recording.

    Q: What is covert mode?
    A: Covert mode is a recording mode that makes the device look like it is turned off while it is recording. So the screen and all the lights on the device are turned off.

  • Q: I can't play back my covert audio files I recorded?
    A: To play back your files that you recorded in covert mode hit the index button until you see you see all four folders (A,BC,D) show up. You now will have access to all of your covert recordings just use the arrow key to go to the recordings you want to listen to and hit the silver play key to listen to your file.
  • Q: Can I extend the battery life?
    A: Yes this recorder has additional accessories that will let it stay powered on indefinitely. Click Here

    Q: Can I plug the Pro Audio Recorder into an outlet to always have it powered?
    A: Yes, you can purchase the Ac Adapter for the Pro Audio Recorder to always have it powered. Click Here

    Q: Do I need special software to play back the recordings?
    A: No, this records in a MP3 format so you will not need any special software. Just plug it into you USB port and download your audio recordings, play back your files in windows media player, VLC media player or iTunes.

    Q: Is there anything you sell that allows for the pro Voice Recorder to hear greater distances.
    A: Yes we carry two Amplified Microphones that can extend the pick up rang of your pro voice recorder and ANY digital audio recorder with a microphone input. The major differences between both Amplified Microphone models is one comes with a 5FT extension cable and the other does not come with a 5FT extension cable. Click here

    Q: What is the battery life?
    A: Up to 55 Hours using Duracell or Energizer alkaline batteries.

    Q: Whats the storage time of this model?
    A: This unit offers several different recording quality formats. Depending on the format you are recording in you will experience different lengths of audio storage. The following highlights each recording mods MAX storage time. PCM1 - 26 hours, SHQ - 57h 26m, HQ - 96h 44mm, SP - 143h, LP - 287 hours, SLP - 4,596.

    Q: What's the most optimal mode to record in?
    A: We recommend using SP or HQ quality modes, but test it out for yourself and try each setting and see how it sounds at 10FT and 20FT recordings.

  • Q: How do I check Hidden Folder on my Windows Computer?
    A: To view the hidden folder on your Windows computer you will need to enable hidden files.  To do this you will need to need to use the search function on your computer to find File Explorer Options, go to the View tab, go to Hidden Files and Folders and select Show Hidden Files and Folders and Drives.  Make sure you press apply to enable it.
  • Q: How do I check Hidden Folder on my Mac Computer?
    A: To view the hidden folder on your Mac computer you will need to enable hidden files.  To do this you will need to need to Open Terminal then click Go > Utilities then double click on Terminal App.  You will need to copy and paste these lines one at a time and make sure to enter after each line. 
  • defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES
  • killall Finder
  • Once this is done the Hidden Folders and Files will be viewable.
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