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Audio Recorders

Audio Surveillance Buyers Guide
In this collection you will find the latest in discreet voice recording devices, like our covert spy pens that really write or our great selection of USB flash drives that look like any basic thumb drive and really function as one. We even carry a variety of key chain audio recorders that can attach to your purse, back pack or car keys. We also have watches and wrist bands that look just like a fit bit and look great wearing casual or dress clothes.
Need to record your phone calls? We have you covered with a great line of professional cell phone recorders that can work via Bluetooth or can plug directly into your smartphone. All of these devices can be used to record face to face conversations as well making them the perfect choice for divorce cases, child custody, secret shoppers, law enforcement and much more.
All of these hidden audio recorders can be easily downloaded to a PC or Mac, the best part is that you don't need to learn any new software just play your files back through a media player on your computer. From voice activated devices to continuous recording we have you covered. Need an item with good battery life? Try our pro thumb drive recorder that can last up to 25 days while in standby mode or try out our premium power bank that has an amazing 150 day standby battery life while in voice activated mode and can even charge your mobile phone or tablet.
In need of a voice changer? Look no further, our voice changing devices work not only with traditional land line phones but even with cellphones. With these amazing devices you can even make yourself sound like a different gender or call your buddy's and play a practical joke. These devices are great for business owners, turn a one man show into a small business with multiple employees by using our our pro telephone voice transformer kit.