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Professional Cell Phone Anti Bugging Device

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Professional Cellphone Anti Bugging Device

Smartphones have a high quality microphone to detect sound within about a 10 foot radius. If someone puts a malicious software on your smartphone the infected smartphone works as tapping device and lets them listen to your conversations.  The embedded microphone inside of your smartphone could be used by someone that should not be able to hear your conversations. The Anti tapping device blocks the function of the embedded microphone inside of your smartphone. This means it blocks the microphone from working. This makes it basically impossible to tap the conversation around your smartphone.  This is the best way to prevent someone from being able to hear conversations around your smartphone.

How to Use the Professional Cell Phone Anti Bugging Device

Before your important conversation or conference begins, install the Anti tapping device to the earphone jack on your smart phone. As soon as it is installed, tapping is impossible because the microphone will be disabled.  If you need to make a call simply remove the Anti tapping device from the earphone jack on your cell phone.

Why choose this product?

Do you think someone is eavesdropping on your private conversations? This is the perfect device for you.  This easy to use device simply plugs into the headphone jack of your cellphone and will disable the microphone so no one is able to eavesdrop on your private conversations.

Best Uses For the Pro Cell Phone Anti Bugging Device

  • When you are worried about being tapped in daily life.
  • Government agencies where major policies are discussed and determined.
  • Judicial authorities such as prosecution and police where communication security is required.
  • Election camps which perform election campaign against competitors, such as presidential election, general election, municipal election, union election and so on.
  • Lawyers and clients with ongoing litigation
  • CEO, key executives, development department, sales and planning department of companies with possibility of damage by industrial espionage.
  • Business sectors that require business confidentiality
  • Government officers, attorneys, lobbyists, politicians, diplomats, military officers, police officers and so forth, who handle confidential information
  • CEO of local government, and departments related to audit, urban development, various crackdowns and communication.
  • Members of congress and representatives of local councils on legislative activities
  • Board of elections that require confidentiality of crackdown information
  • Government agencies and corporations that have frequent overseas affairs

What's Included with the Professional Cell Phone Anti Bugging Device?

  • Pro Cell Phone Anti Bugging Device
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty

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