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Cell Phone Wireless Bug Detector

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Smartphone Wireless Bug Detector

When a hacker tries to access your smartphone, this device detects specific frequencies and informs you of unusual activity by showing a red flashing LED.  Just power on the Cell Phone Wireless Bug Detector and place it next to your smartphone. The device detects any unusual activity such as hacking and tapping automatically in real time.

Easy One Touch Use

This device is very easy to use.  Simply turn it on and place it next to your smartphone.  This device will detect if your phone is transmitting data.  When your phone is not in use it should not be constantly transmitting data.  If someone is accessing your phone remotely, your phone would be transmitting data constantly.  You might be this device go off periodically but that does not mean that your phone is being hacked.  What you are looking for is a constant nonstop flashing to indicate a constant data transmission.

Why Choose this product?

Think someone is hacking your phone?  Does it seem like someone is eavesdropping on your private conversations?  This is the perfect device for you.  This device lets you know if someone is using your smartphone against you.

What can the Cell Phone Wireless Bug Detector be used for?

  • When you are worried about being tapped in daily life.
  • State agencies where major policies are discussed and determined.
  • Judicial authorities such as prosecution, police and so forth that have investigation right, where communication security is required for work performance.
  • Election camps which perform election campaign against competitors, such as presidential election, general election, municipal election, union election and so on.
  • Lawyers and clients with ongoing litigation
  • CEO, key executives, development department, sales and planning department of companies with possibility of damage by industrial espionage.
  • Business sectors that require business confidentiality
  • Government officers, attorneys, lobbyists, politicians, diplomats, military officers, police officers and so forth, who handle confidential information
  • CEO of local government, and departments related to audit, urban development, various crackdowns and communication.
  • Members of congress and representatives of local councils on legislative activities
  • Board of elections that require confidentiality of crackdown information
  • Government agencies and corporations that have frequent overseas affairs

What's Included with the Cell Phone Wireless Bug Detector?

  • Cell Phone Wireless Bug Detector
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty

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