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Can Concealment Safes

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Here is our collection of can safes that have been hidden inside unassuming, common types of cans and other items one may find throughout a house or a garage. These are perfect products for securely storing your cash or jewelry right in front of everyone's eyes without them noticing that they're looking at where you store your valuables. Often, these covert can safes are hidden inside brand-name product items, making them even more covert.
Who would suspect your coffee can to contain anything more than coffee? Or your shaving cream to be anything but? Garages and sink cabinets are generally jammed full of stuff that rarely gets touched, so a critical eye would just pass over things like cleaner spray or oil treatment cans. That is the idea behind the manufacture of these products: hide valuables out in the open in normal-looking, everyday objects so none would be the wiser. It's better than keeping them in a safe, even if a thief doesn't know the code, they know something important is inside and can still take it away to have it cracked later!