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Video Glasses

Body Worn Cameras Buyer's Guide
Video glasses have become the first choice for people looking to capture their outdoor activities while freeing up their hands to do what needs to be done. Hidden glasses cameras have become increasingly popular over the past ten years due to there reliability and how covert these devices truly are up close and in person.
Traditional action glasses have an obvious camera and for those not needing to be clandestine then they are the natural choice, but for those that want an embedded camera that's difficult to see we have got you covered with our 720P spy glasses, the video camera is virtually undetectable. 
Hidden camera classes and sport camera glasses are identical in how they operate and each model can be date and time stamped to keep a log of your events, whether its recording your extreme bike riding in the mountains to covertly recording a co-worker or spouse being verbally abusive.
The quick one touch activation allows for you to conveniently record any situation and the best part is you can record video in hi-def 720P or 1080P. Downloading your footage is simple and fast, just plug your device into a computer and drag and drop the files to your desk top.