Real Time GPS Tracker & 80 Hour Battery Pack |
Portable Live Tracking Device with 80 Hour Extended Power Pack Case

Real Time GPS Tracker with 80 Hour Battery

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This is our live GPS tracking device coupled with the weatherized case extended power pack. This device provides live location updates at 10 second intervals when attached to a moving vehicle, making it accurate to within 3 feet! 100% accessible online with no software to download, few products are this easy to use right out of the box. This is the best active tracking unit available on the market, giving you exact global positioning coordinates and street addresses, while even showing the path it took to get there overlaid onto a map. While using the extended charge pack you'll increase the run-time from the basic drive-time battery life of 8-10 hours to an impressive 80 hours, meaning that it is only drawing power when the device detects that its in motion. This set comes complete with the outdoor-rated magnetic case for easy placement up underneath a vehicle.


The Tracker has an online interface that is very easy to work with. Use your internet-connected computer or smartphone to log in and see where the Tracker is at any given moment. The device has many features, from printable reports including location, vehicle speed, and much more. Tracker activity is overlaid on a map, showing the current location and a "bread-crumb" trail of how it got there. You can even keep an eye on battery life and signal strength for each Tracker via the online portal.

This tracker updates its' location every 10 seconds as it goes down the road. Powered by a long lasting battery, this set comes complete with a weatherized magnetic case that you can easily place underneath a vehicle for quick deployment. With normal use, the 80 hour drive-time battery has been reported to last for up to 2-3 months between charges! You can even set it to alert you via text message when the battery gets low! When you finally do need to recharge, allow for up to 8-12 hours to fully charge the extended battery, and 4-6 hours for the battery that comes with the tracker.


Activation is quick and easy! The activation fee is $29.99 and is included into the purchasing price. All you have to do is pay the prorated amount for the current month. The prorated amount is $1.33 a day, while the monthly service is $39.99 a month with no long term contracts, just month to month payments which lets you cancel anytime before your next billing cycle at the end of the month (25th of each month).  You'll download two forms to fill out, and then simply send it back to us and your unit will be activated within the same business day if we get it before 4pm Central Time.

WHY CHOOSE THE Live GPS Tracker Kit with Extended Battery?

Tried other trackers and they aren't getting the job done?  Looking for the most accurate information?  This is the tracker for you, reporting on what you need, when you need It.   This tracker will give a location update every 10 seconds while attached to a moving vehicle, showing you a turn-by-turn read out overlaid onto a map interface. This set comes with the weatherized GPS Case as well as an extended battery pack, allowing for easy placement underneath a vehicle for long-term use.

Just log onto the easy to use web portal (which allows you to control up to 300 units from a single account, perfect for companies with a large fleet) to see where the tracker is at the moment and where it has been throughout any calendar day that it moved. The printable reports are what really makes this device a fantastic product. If you're conducting a covert investigation, watching over your children or spouse, or your fleet vehicles and you cannot watch where they go all day, you can easily print off reports of aggressive driving, speeding, and much more. The Start/Stop reports will give you the exact addresses of where the vehicle stopped, as well as how long they were there. When you find a particular location that needs to be watched over, you can set up Geo-Fences around that area so you can get text message and email alerts whenever the tracker enters or leaves the area.


  • Make sure Service Vehicles are used only for work
  • Monitor the routes of your Fleet Drivers
  • Find your Stolen Vehicle
  • Track your Kids' Vehicle
  • Expose the Activities of your Spouse
  • Locate your Elderly Parent if they drive off
  • Trace Stolen Equipment
  • Ensure Safety of Employees in Dangerous Regions of the World


  • Transmits its' location only while moving to save battery
  • Updates in 10 second intervals while driving, 20 seconds while walking
  • Internal antennae
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with a drive-time battery of up to 80 hours
  • 100% Web based interface with no software to install – accessible using WiFi, ethernet connection or cellular data
  • Virtual geo-fence and maximum speed alerts by email or text message
  • Small, fast, no wires – Unlimited possibilities
  • US Fleet Tracking provides live tech support
  • In this industry, this device will get you the fastest updates
  • Per locate, this product has the lowest cost of operation
  • Unparalleled reliability
  • Get a clearer image of what's around with satellite imagery
  • See how much battery is left using the web interface
  • From the same account you can manage up to 300 trackers


  • Live GPS Tracking Unit
  • Extended Battery with Weatherized Case
  • Activation Fee Included in Price
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 12V Charging Adapter
  • USB Cable for PC Charging or Connects to 12V Adapter
  • Allen Wrench
  • 12V Charger for Extended Battery
  • 1 Year Manufactures Warranty

GPS Activation & Data Plan

Our portable live  tracker requires an activation and monthly data plan.

  • GPS activation - included in total price ($29.99)
  • Monthly data plan - $39.99 (No contracts, just pay month to month)
  • Pro-rated amount - $1.33/Day (if not starting at the beginning of the month)
  • Activate same day if GPS forms received before 4pm CST
  • End service at any time before next billing cycle (25th of Every Month)

Activation Documents

    GPS Activation Forms


      • Minuscule measurement: 2.28″ W x 3.9″ L x 0.9″ D
      • Unmatched consistency
      • Live assistance through US Fleet Tracking
      • Built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery
      • 80 Hour driving time battery life
      • 8-12 Hour Charging Time
      • 12vlt
      • 60lbs Rated Magnet
      • Fully Weatherized IP66 Rated Case
      • Unparalleled Reliability
      • Live Fleet Tracking
      • Web Based Mapping System
      • View or Download Reports
      • Geo-Fencing
      • Monitor Speeding Violations
      • SMS Text/Email Alerts
      • Internal GPS/Cellular Antennas
      • Quad Band GSM/GPRS Cellular
      • Low Power Consumption
      • Programmable from Your PC
      • Manage Scheduled Maintenance
      • Live Tech Support with US Fleet Tracking
      • Temperature: -30 C to 75 C
      • Tracker Dimensions: 2.28″ x 3.9″ x 0.9″ 
      • Tracker Weight: 3.7 ounces 
      • Weatherized Case Dimensions: 4.37″ x 2.87″ x 1.68″
      • Weatherized Case Weight: 1.5 pounds


      Q: I just activated my service. Why doesn’t my device show on the map?
      A: Once the device has been activated, it will not show its' location on the map until the first time it registers motion. Take the device for a walk or a ride in the car and it should start updating its' location. Before placing it inside the magnetic case and attaching it to a vehicle, be sure the battery was fully charged. 

      Q: My map screen shows where the device was yesterday. Today it’s in a completely different place, but the map still shows the old location. Are the satellites down?
      A: The issue is that the device has not transmitted its' location to the server since it was at the last location shown on the map. Either (A) the battery is dead, (B) it doesn’t have a clear view of the sky (and therefore cannot calculate its location), or (C) the device is in an area with no wireless data service, and therefore cannot transmit its location. We recommend a physical inspection of the device.

      Q: My SMS alerts and/or email alerts aren’t coming through. What could be happening?
      A: There are several possible reasons for this problem. Either (A) the check box was not selected in front of the SMS entry on the Alert Editor, (B) you have a 1 in front of your number (1-405-726-9900) when the 1 is not supported by your wireless carrier, (C) you don't have a 1 in front of your number and the carrier requires it, (D) the SMS text message was caught by a spam filter at your local wireless carrier (they may decided it was spam), or (E) the wireless carrier simply failed to deliver the message.Wireless carriers do not guarantee delivery of SMS text messages. We’ve seen cases where some messages were delivered in 20 seconds, while others were delivered minutes and sometimes days later. We hope this does not happen to you. To confirm Alert notifications are being sent properly, set up an email alert select the email check box along with the SMS text check box. Also make sure the email isn’t going into your spam filter.

      Q: My unit stopped recording positions what do I do?
      A: When the device has reached 0% power, the unit may be unable to instantly reconnect with the server after recharge. If this problem occurs contact tech support directly via phone number or the Live Chat on the web interface and ask them to remotely ping the device. Once the ping has been sent, the tracker will need one more step to reconnect with the server. Using a 10mm Alan wrench remove the screw under the clip on the underside of the tracker and remove the battery for 10 seconds. Put the battery back in the tracker afterwords and the unit will now receive the ping and will update on the website with the current location of the tracker when it detects its' first movement.

      Q: How strong is the magnet?
      A: It is a rare earth magnet that is rated up to 60 pounds.

      Q: How long will the extended battery last?
      A: It will last roughly 80 hours of actual drive time.

      Q: When should I recharge it?
      A: It is recommend that you recharge the battery when it gets to 20% battery life.

      Q: Can you overcharge the battery?
      A: Yes, do not charge the battery for more than 12 hours as it can diminish the battery life.

      Q: How long does it take to charge this device fully?
      A: It takes about 12 hours to get a full charge on the battery.

      Q: I Have Questions Not Listed Here... Now what?
      A: For additional information, contact our live technical support agents at 1-405-726-9900 (7 AM To 7 PM Mondays - Fridays, 9AM to 4PM Saturdays, CST) for the latest information, tips and upgrades available for your live GPS tracker product.

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      Instruction Guide

        5344 Quick Start Guide


      • 1-405-726-9900 Option 3
      • Monday - Friday 7am-7pm CST
      • Saturday - 9am-4pm CST
      • Have your Beacon ID available or full name on the account

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews Write a review


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews Write a review

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