Zetta Max Swivel Security Camera | 160 Degree Lens | 180° Rotatable Lens
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Zetta Max Swivel Security Camera Rotatable 180° Lens

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The Zetta Max Swivel Security Camera is a small recorder that not only gives you the flexibility of a 180° degree swivel head but also boasts a 160° degree field of view that can record even while upside down. The Zetta Max captures video in 720P high-definition and records audio. With the easy-to-use configuration software, you'll be able to set up multiple features such as motion-activated recording, date and time stamp, low light mode, flipped video mode, and more. Small and portable this surveillance camera can be placed just about anywhere with its 10-hour battery life or up to 90 days while in standby mode. If you need to record for long stretches of time, you can conveniently plug this video recorder into any electric outlet for constant power and 24/7 recording. With a 128GB Micro SD card, you will be able to store up to 106 hours of video and audio that can be easily downloaded to Windows or Mac computers.


This surveillance camera is straightforward. To start recording, put the slider switch into the position of whatever preset settings you wish for it to use, either continuous record, motion detection, or custom modes, then press and hold the power button until you see the green light turn on. The green light will flash, letting you know it's started recording. Hold down the power switch a second time to turn it off, and you'll notice an orange light blink and then turn off. You can download a free program that allows you to change the custom settings. You can update the date and time, alter the lens's orientation, set different sensitivity levels for motion recording, voice activation, and vibration detection, plus much more. All the recordings are saved onto a micro SD card. To view the recordings, you can pull the SD card out of the unit or plug the device directly into the USB port on your Windows or Mac computer. No software is required to watch your videos; any standard media player should do the trick.

WHY CHOOSE This Zmax Recorder?

This portable surveillance camera has a lens that can swivel 180° degrees with a large 160° degree field of view. You'll be able to record clear 720P high-definition video and audio. You can get up to 10 hours of battery life while recording continuously or up to 90 days of battery life while in standby mode. This device can be quickly recharged within 6 hours or can be left plugged in for constant power and 24/7 recording. Not only that, but this device can store up to 106 hours of video on a 128GB SD card! The free customizable software allows you to set up time and date-stamp, motion-activated recording, continuous recording, or voice-activated recording. Even a recording schedule to capture video just during the times you need and since this device works with both Mac and Windows downloading is a breeze, plug the device into the computer with the provided USB cable or pop out the portable SD card. Watch your recorded files back through your standard media player on your computer. This tiny camera is feature-packed and great for home or work surveillance.


Our Zetta max security camera is the perfect solution when ensuring caregivers provide the best possible care to loved ones, keeping an eye on your apartment when maintenance stops by fixing something. It's even perfect for making sure the nanny or maid service is doing their jobs while you're away or put it in your car to watch for vandalism. Keep an eye on your kids or loved ones to ensure all is well. Monitor your valuables in your room or at the office with this rechargeable portable camera.


  • Time and date stamp videos for evidence gathering and organization of your recorded files
  • 128GB Micro SD card stores up to 106 hours of high-definition video at 30 frames per second
  • 10-hour battery life when fully charged or up to 90 days in standby mode or leave plugged into power for 24/7 recording
  • Records 720P high-definition video and audio. No gap video technology that saves videos in 10, 15, or 20-minute segments
  • Easily download your recorded videos to a Mac or Windows computer, no software required, playback videos with any standard media player
  • Simple to operate and turn on, with a one-touch record feature. Built-in 180° swivel lens and 160° field of view allows for you to cover a large area
  • Free custom settings program allows for you to set up features like time and date stamp, motion-activated or continuous recording, vibration standby-mode, audio-triggered recording, auto day and night mode, disable the LEDs while recording, and more

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What's Included?

  • User Manual, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Zetta Max Swivel Security Camera Rotatable 180° Lens
  • 5V DC Adapter, USB Cable


  • Weight: 2.3oz
  • Time and Date Stamp
  • Charge Time: 6-8 hours
  • Lens: 160° FOV, Audio: Yes
  • Mac or Windows Compatible
  • Video Resolution: 720P or 360P
  • Video Storage 128GB: 106 hours
  • Continuous Battery Life: 10 hours
  • Frame Rate: 30fps~720P, 30fps~360P
  • Product Dimensions: 4.0 x 1.75 x .75 inches
  • Video Storage Low Frame Rate: 1 hour per GB
  • Video Storage High Frame Rate: 15 minutes per GB
  • PC Interface: USB, Video Format: .AVI, Memory: Up to 128GB Micro SD Card
  • Standby Battery Life: 90 days **vibration triggering and power-saving mode enabled**


Q: What sort of field of view can I expect?
A: 160 degrees.

Q: Why is my 64GB/128GB memory chip not working?
A: Please download the Zetta Widget to format your chip - Click Here.

Q: What is the advantage of being able to swivel the head of this device?
A: The swivel head allows you to maneuver the unit into points you wouldn't have been able to with standard cameras.

Q: What is the video quality?
A: 720P.

Q: Can I only do the motion-activated recording?
A: You can record continuously, by motion, audio, or vibration, each trigger working independently or all at once in general use or at scheduled time periods set via the custom Zetta Widget program - Click Here.

Q: What is the average battery life I can expect to get?
A: With continuous or motion activation, you can expect 10 hours of battery unless you set it to vibration trigger only through the widget, which can extend the standby time up to 90 days.

Q: I used the motion activation preset, and while I know something happened, it did not have any new recordings when I checked the memory. What happened?
A: Try to get the unit close to the targeted area and have as unobstructed a view as possible. While it does have motion-activated recording capability, possibly it was too far away and saw too little motion to trigger, or the view was obstructed by whatever it is hidden behind. It is recommended to do a few tests to make sure it would work in that particular spot.

Q: How far away can it pick up noise?
A: In a quiet environment, you can capture audio roughly 10-15 feet away. Environments vary, though, so it's best to make a few test recordings to ensure that the device can capture what you're needing.

Q: How is the picture quality? Could I discern a cars' License Plate?
A: In the right situation with optimal lighting conditions (daytime), you may be able to make out a license plate—the device records at a wide-angle 720P resolution. Do a few test runs with the camera's location and height to get what you need.

Q: It's summertime. Can I place this in the car to protect it while I'm away?
A: The device has a maximum working temperature of 113°F. However, it can definitely get much hotter than this inside a vehicle. Park in the shade if you absolutely need to use it on a hot day.

Q: How do I set the time and date stamp?
A:  Please refer to the quick start guide - Click Here

Q: What is the maximum amount of storage I can use?
A: 128GB.

Q: Can I download my videos on a PC and a Mac?
A: Yes.


User Manual


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United States United States
Not so happy with the camera

not happy with it at all said I needed to fornat my new 128 chip, tried to do so 4 times would not work so now it sits on my desk like so much junk


Here is a link to our quick start guide: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1081/5228/files/1519-Zetta-Max-Swivel-Security-Camera-Rotatable-180_-Lens.pdf?v=1614884426 which details how to format the device for use with a 128GB card through the Zetta Widget. The device cannot use a 128GB if the format was done outside of the Zetta Widget. Please give us a call if you need further assistance. Our number is 1.800.292.7748, and we are here Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm CST.

Greg B.
z-max cam

Good camera, has good video quality, good battery life, swivel feature is nice cause I can place it almost anywhere and just move the camera to get the shot I want.

Jenny C.
Best Camera

I have tried other cameras I purchased online. This camera is the easiest camera I have used. Video quality is good and field of view is amazing. I can see my entire living room with this camera.

Eric D.
Z-Max Security Camera

Good video quality, easy to use. I put this in a fake plant on top of my cabinets and no one can see it.

Danny G.
Great Camera

This is a great camera that is small enough I can place it on top of my cabinets and no one notices. Great to watch the kids while I am not home.

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