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Home Protection

There are many points of entry to a home. Windows can be broken so latches and door locks can be easily accessed. The front door is still the main entry point for any attempted burglary or robbery, and most can be kicked in, though many homes also have sliding glass doors which is also another easy entry point. There are two ways you can protect your home: with a physical device that blocks entry, or with a device that sounds an alarm.
Physical entrance blockers are things like our door jammers that slide under the door handle of the door itself to stop it from being opened and some can be layed down horizontally in a sliding door to stop people from forcefully opening it. We also have an item that more securely protects a door from kicks by spreading the impact of the kick over much of the doors frame thanks to the door devils steel plate design.
In terms of alarms, we have window break alarms that will sound an alert when a window gets broken, entrance alerts which can be used as a door chime or an alarm, and even motion sensors for around the home or an electronic barking dog that will sense motion through a door and bark at the potential intruder. For all of those instances, we have you covered with the items collected here, helping you to protect what matters most: peace of mind.