Novelty Spy Gadgets | Disappearing Ink Pens | 1993
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For that young, up and coming spy in your family, or even for that big kid you married, here we have collected all our spy gadgets, from theft powders, binoculars, telescopes, hidden can safes, infidelity test kits and directional listening devices.
Covert diversion safes are definitely one of our more popular categories, built into brand-name canisters, books, clocks and even a wall outlet! A covert safe that is hidden out in the open is the next best thing to a safe no one can crack, as no one would expect your life savings, your jewelry, or even your pistol to be hidden inside something as unassuming as a clock or a book.
Listen to the nature sounds from your immediate surroundings, or listen to hear what the opposing coach is directing his team to play from afar! Parabolic microphones have many uses, from the mundane to the down-right sneaky. You'll find many interesting items for many uses in this collection.

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