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Pen Cameras

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Hidden video pen cameras are one of the most unique body worn cams devices created. They look and function just like a normal pen, but they allow for the user to record hi-definition video and audio simultaneously. Choose from 720P, 1080P and our ever popular 2K ultra hi-def hidden spy pens.

Spy pens can practically be used anywhere, at home dealing with domestic issues, at work building a case against an employer or co-worker that's harassing you. The quick one touch activation allows for you to quickly and confidently record these interactions. Each covert pen recorder is date and time stamped and can be downloaded to a computer so you can save those important clips.

The embedded cameras are discreetly built into the top of the pen allowing for you to easily adjust the cameras point of view to capture whats most important, these pens even write making them even more useful, take it literally anywhere you go. Do not worry about lights, there is a small LED indicator on each pen but once the device starts recording it quickly and conveniently turns off giving you complete discretion. 

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