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In this collection you will find our real time global positioning trackers. Real time GPS trackers allow for you to log into a website portal on your smartphone, tablet or computer and see where a vehicle is in live time. Our system provides ten second updates, works internationally and uses a 3D mapping system just like Google maps. Data is stored on the cloud for up to 90 days for each device and can be downloaded quickly and securely into an excel spreadsheet.

GPS tracking loggers are accurate within 10ft of their position. Start stop reports allow for the user to see exactly where the vehicle had stopped, how long it was there for and when it left and how long it took to get to its next destination. The speed report is a great way to see if an individual is speeding, you can set a specific speed threshold, and when the vehicles goes over that an alert can be emailed or texted to inform you that the vehicle is speeding.

The zone alert feature is one of the most popular tools our system provides, zone alerts allow for you to draw an invisible zone around a house, business or school and when the vehicle with the tracking unit enters or leaves the zone you will get an instant alert, great for parents with a troubled teen saying they are going to school but are skipping classes and great for commercial business with service trucks. Our real time data loggers are great for managing a fleet of up to 300 vehicles or for keeping an eye on your spouse or teenage drivers.