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Pull String Alarm Fireworks 72 Pack - Spy Centre Security

Pull String Alarm Fireworks 72 Pack

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Perimeter Alarms Anyone Can Set Up

These easy to use perimeter alarms are great.  They have 6" pull strings on each side of a small 1 1/2" firework charge.  When this is rigged to a door, window or any entry point a loud 85 decibel bang will go off.  This is out enough to wake up even the soundest sleeper.

Easy to Use

The pull string perimeter alarms are very easy to use. Simply set them up and once the strings are triggered the firework will explode making a loud 85 decibel bang.

Why Choose This Product?

Like to go camping?  Like to set up booby traps? Like to play pranks on your family or friends?  This is the product for you.  These easy to use perimeter alarms will alert you when someone goes into areas they shouldn't.  You can use them to play a prank on family or friends. 

What Can You Do With The Pull String Perimeter Alarm?

  • Set Up Perimeter Alarms
  • Set Up Door Alarms
  • Security Camp Sites


What are the Features of the Pull String Perimeter Alarms?

  • 72 pull-strings to a pack
  • Booby trap doors and drawers!
  • Perfect stocking stuffers

What's Included with the Perimeter Alarm Fireworks Pack?

  • Pull String Alarm Fireworks 72 Pack
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • 12" pull string with alarm in middle
  • 85 DB

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