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Ultraviolet Theft Detection Powder

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Theft Detection Powder Anyone Can Use

Ultraviolet Theft Detection Powder is an  easy and inexpensive way of identifying a thief.  This product is great if you are having a problem with missing alcohol at home or business.  This works perfect with our Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight.

Easy to Use

All you do is dust an object likely to be stolen or used and once the object has been picked up it leaves an invisible residue that can only be seen using an ultraviolet light.  Good example is if you think your kids might be using your alcohol you can dust the bottle and when they pick it up it will stain their hands.  Simply use our UV Flashlight on their and and it will glow from the UV Theft Powder. This will last several days and can not just be washed off.  For exterior use simply mix with some Vaseline and apply the paste on the item.

Why Choose This Product?

Do you own or manage a restaurant or bar?  Do you think your kids are stealing alcohol?  Do you have a theft issue at home or work?  This is the perfect product for you.  This is a great way to prove an individual is tampering, moving or stealing specific items in your home or business.

What Can the Ultraviolet Theft Detection Powder Be Used For?

  • Check for theft
  • Check for tampering
  • Check to see if someone is using your things

What are the Features of the UV Theft Detection Powder?

  • Once skin is contacted it leaves an invisible residue visible under UV light
  • Works with the Ultraviolet Black Light Flashlight
  • Application is limitless for identification

What's Included with the Theft Detection Powder?

  • Ultraviolet Theft Detection Powder
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • Indoor use: Powder form recommended
  • Outdoor use: Mix the UV powder with Vaseline

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