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United Cutlery Magnesium Flint Fire Striker - Spy Centre Security

United Cutlery Magnesium Flint Fire Striker

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Starting A Fire Just Got Easier

This United Cutlery Magnesium Flint Fire Striker is great for survival or camping! It quickly lights any fire!  It's simple and effective even a novice can start a fire. 

Easy to Use

Simply gather some tinder together, then quickly scrap at a downward angle on the Magnesium to release a few sparks to light the tinder.  Then add your burnable material to increase the flame.

Why Choose This Product?

Like to go camping? Like to go hiking?  Have a bug out bag? This is the perfect product for you.  This flint fire striker makes lighting a fire easy.  You can get 1000's of strikes from a single fire striker.

What Can the Fire Striker Be Used For?

  • Start a Fire

What are the Features of the Flint Fire Striker?

  • Simple to use
  • Magnesium covered flint is attached to a striker with a lanyard
  • 1,000's of strikes
  • Ignite damp or dry tinder
  • Ignite gas
  • Signal from a distance

What's Included with the Fire Striker?

  • United Cutlery Magnesium Flint Fire Striker
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • Sharpened scrapper for spark
  • Magnesium covered Flint to allow for shards to be pilled up and a spark achieved

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