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Ultraviolet Black Light Flashlight

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This new Ultraviolet flashlight uses LED technology to provide great quality in a compact form. It has 8 ultraviolet LEDs that are housed in an aluminum body and produces more ultraviolet light than most ultraviolet incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. It is designed to work ideally with our ultraviolet theft powder.

The Ultraviolet Flashlight Is Easy To Use

The UV flashlight is very easy to use. Simply use the push-button On/Off switch. Point in the area and you will be able to detect the uv theft powder, bodily fluids and even iron based ink that has faded. This product is great for catching employee or kids stealing alcohol. Simply dust the bottle of alcohol with our UV Theft Detection powder. If they touch the bottle it will stain their hands and you can shine the UV flashlight on their hands. The light from the UV flashlight will make their hands glow from the powder.

Why Choose this product?

Do you own or manage a restaurant or bar?  Have teen age kids?  Are you a doorman who checks ID's?  This is the perfect product for you.  It works great with our ultraviolet theft detecting powder to catch employees or kids stealing alcohol.  You can also use this compact and lightweight flashlight to check ID's. It's also great if you need to check for bodily fluids.


  • Check for theft
  • Check for Bodily Fluids
  • Check ID's


  • Identifying in the UV spectrum, that are not present with the naked eye
  • Can identify bodily fluids such as semen, blood, and saliva
  • Can be used to highlight faded iron-based ink
  • Works with the ultraviolet theft powder
  • Push button On/Off
  • Works with our Ultraviolet Theft Detection Powder

What's Included?

  • Ultraviolet Flashlight
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • 3 AAA battery's
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • Emits short wave Ultraviolet light
  • Length: 4"
  • Powered by three AAA batteries (included)
  • Push-button on/off switch

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