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Visible Stain Theft Detection Powder

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A Simple Solution To Catching A Thief

This theft detecting dust that will stain purple on skin is a great tool to help you catch a thief. This product is great if you are having things stolen from your home or business.

Easy to Use Visible Stain Theft Detection Powder

The visible theft powder is very easy to use. Simply apply a light coating of the purple staining powder to an object likely to be stolen or used and once that object is picked up the the purple stain powder will stain their hand purple. This will last several days and can not just be washed off. For exterior use mix with Vaseline and apply the paste to the item of concern.

Why Choose This Theft Powder?

Do you own or manage a restaurant or bar? Do you think your kids are stealing alcohol? Do you have a theft issue at home or work? This is the perfect product for you. This is a great way to prove an individual is tampering, moving or stealing specific items in your home or business.


  • Check for theft
  • Check for tampering
  • Check to see if someone is using your things


  • Turns skin purple
  • non-toxic
  • To use outside mix with Vaseline

What's Included?

  • Visible Stain Theft Detection Powder
  • 90 Day Manufacturers Warranty


  • Reacts to the body's amino acids in the skin resulting with dyed skin
  • The Dye will eventually go away but it does not wash off
  • Outdoor use: Mix the Visible Stain Theft Detection Powder with Vaseline

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