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Collected here is all of our spy gear, ranging from the super fun products like disappearing ink pens, can safes and mirrored sunglasses, down to the serious spy stuff like bug detectors and data recovery sticks.
Of course, our more light-hearted products have real world applications as well. Can safes are great ways to hide valuables like cash or jewelry, stashed in the most inconspicuous and sneaky containers. Sound amplifiers are fantastic for listening to nature, or for trying to hear plays being called on the football field. These items are only limited by imagination.
Beyond that, our line of sensitive bug detectors will help you ensure no one is listening in on your business conversation or watching you at your home. Just about anything that transmits a signal can be found with these devices. For more targeted investigations try out or data recovery sticks that help you recover deleted text massages, images and much more from smartphones. No matter the reason for your visit, you'll find helpful items for your situation here, with our spy equipment.