WiFi iPhone Charging Dock Hidden Spy Camera | Hidden Video Recorder
Records in full 1080P, giving you crisp clear video evidence.

WiFi iPhone Charging Dock Hidden Spy Camera

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Do you need a hidden video recorder to watch what happens in your home or office while you're away? Do you also need a new iPhone apple charger? How about one that also has a camera built in? We have the solution to your needs with our new wireless iPhone power station hidden cam! This craftily concealed video recorder is capable of recording in full 1080p resolution, all while having a working charge port for your iPhone! Each recording is date/time stamped and stored to a SD memory card so you'll know exactly when something occurred. You can even set it to record continuously throughout the day or only when motion is detected in front of the lens to get what matters most.

This device can also connect to the Internet wirelessly, allowing you to remotely view the live stream from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection in the location of the device and your phone you'll be able to see whats happening. Do you have an Android Phone? Check out the WiFi Android Charging Station.


The WiFi enabled iPhone dock spy cam has a digital video recorder (DVR) built inside along with the 1/2.9" Progressive CMOS Sensor 1080p camera. Beneath a hidden plate you'll find the power button and a sliding switch to set it for continuous or motion detection recordings. There's a separate button for turning on the built-in WiFi module, which will allow you to connect to the device with your Android or iPhone to view a live video feed.

To set up the device over wireless Internet you'll first insert an SD memory card into the device, then plug it into power and turn it on. Make sure the WiFi switch is enabled so that it gives off a signal. From the iPhone or Android app store download the free PV Cam Viewer app. Once downloaded, go into your phones' WiFi settings and connect to the device's ID signal. Scan the QR code on the bottom of the device through the app, and now you'll have a peer-to-peer connection with the unit so you can view the live video.

Connecting it to the WiFi is just as simple. Through the app select your home or offices' WiFi and enter your password, which will now allow you to pull up that live feed from anywhere. You can even set the charging station to send your smartphone push notifications whenever something moves in front of the lens.

Everything recorded is saved onto an SD card mounted inside the WiFi enabled iPhone nanny cam. At a max resolution of 1080P with 30 frames per second, the device can record 12 full hours of footage with a 32GB Micro SD memory card. From the app, as long as you are connected to the same WiFi network as the camera, you will be able to wirelessly download recordings and snapshots from the cameras' DVR to be saved directly onto your phone. The recordings on the SD card are saved in .MOV files, so if you need to review or offload footage onto a Windows PC or a Mac computer, Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player or QuickTime will be able to play the videos.

Using the same app, you can add as many WiFi LawMate brand nanny cameras to the location and view them all on your smartphone, giving you the peace of mind that all areas will be covered.


Nanny cameras are an essential tool for secretly monitoring activity in an area when you are not present, and this motion activated, High Definition camera is one of the alphas in quality. Made with police-use in mind, this law enforcement grade WiFi enabled hidden camera is perfect for anyone finding things have gone missing, anyone needing to watch over the office, or even to covertly record the activities of teenagers when the parents are gone. With the ability to receive push notifications and view the live video feed on an app on your smartphone, you'll know if and exactly when something occurs.

LawMate WiFi covert cameras have a unique feature that allows you to check the recordings directly from the recorder from your phone. You would never have to touch the device again, as all the recordings from the SD card mounted inside would be available for you to wirelessly download them to your smartphone's memory when connected to the same WiFi network.


  • Gather evidence of the Nanny Stealing
  • Recording the Housekeeper Stealing
  • Scan for Theft from your House Guests
  • Document evidence of Care Givers Stealing
  • Keep an eye out for Maintenance Men Stealing
  • Remotely supervise your Kids
  • See from remote access your Spouse's infidelities
  • Checking for Child Abuse
  • Log incidents of Care Giver Abuse
  • Remotely monitor for Drug Abuse


  • View from anywhere in the world with a 3G/4G signal or WiFi connection
  • Playback your recorded videos on PC or MAC
  • Records video in 1080P (1920x1080)
  • Actually charges iPhones
  • Easy to use, no headache set up, P2P WiFi connection
  • Digital zoom & event alerts
  • Motion recording or continuous recording
  • Date & time stamped video recording
  • Remote view from any smart phone or tablet
  • Supports up to a 32GB micro SD card
  • Multiple camera support through the free Android or iPhone app


  • WiFi iPhone Power Station Hidden Camera
  • 5V Charger
  • USB Connect Cable
  • 16GB SD Card
  • 1 Year Manufactures Warranty


  • Interior Photo Sensor: 1/2.9" Progressive CMOS Sensor
  • Offers the Ability to Watch the Recordings on PC or MAC
  • Density: 73g
  • Measurements: 71x69x50mm
  • Power Utilization: 440mA-470mA (Wi-Fi On)
  • Required Power: DC 5V
  • Time/Date Format: YYYY/MM/DD, HH:MM:SS
  • Supported Data Interface: Mini USB 2.0
  • Memory: Supports up to 32GB SD Card
  • Wi-Fi: Built in Wi-Fi Module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
  • Picture Resolution: 2MP
  • Frames Per Second: 30FPS Maximum
  • Supported Video Resolutions: 1920x1080 (1080P HD)/1280x720 (720P HD)/848x480 (Analog)
  • Recording Options: Auto, Manual, and Motion Detection
  • File Format: MOV, JPEG
  • Line of Sight: 78 degrees
  • Focal Length: 3.64mm
  • Sensor Sensitivity: 0.03 Lux @ F2.0
  • Compatible with the iPhone 5, 6 and 6+


Q: I can't see the unit over the internet what's going on?
A: There could be several reasons for this, not actually connected to the WiFi network on your smartphone, internet is out, incorrect WiFi password.

Q: I can see the device remotely sometimes, and other times it looks choppy and not smooth what's going on?
A: To achieve a less choppy video signal we recommend lowering the stream quality. This won't change the recording quality, but in some cases can be a quick fix if the data transmission is slow, Still having issues contact tech support at 1-800-590-4272.

Q: I'm trying to set up this camera at a hotel, and there is WiFi but I can't see the camera on my phone, what can I do?
A: The most common reason would be the way WiFi access is available. Most hotels set up guest WIFI accounts. This doesn't necessarily mean that the camera won't work, but in most cases if Admin access is not available this is likely the reason that you can not access your camera on your cell phone.

Q: Is the video date and time stamped?
A: Yes

Q: Whats the largest memory card I can use?
A: 32GB

Q:Which media player do you recommend for playback?
A:We highly recommend that you download VLC Media Player it's a free download and works with Windows and Mac computers.

Q: Can I download my videos on a PC and Mac?
A: Yes. If you own a Mac we recommend downloading VLC media player for macs to view your recorded videos.

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