Zetta Max Spy Cams | The Ultimate In Hidden Video Recorder Technology

Zetta Max Spy Cams

Zetta Max Spy Cams Collection BannerZetta max spy cameras are unlike any hidden nanny cameras on the market today. Their simple black box design allows these cams to be placed virtually anywhere at home or work. Place them on a book shelf, or on your entertainment stand with the rest of your electronics, put them in a store room or watch your cubical at work for acts of theft or vandalism.

These miniature covert cameras come with a plethora of features. Each video recorder offers audio recording with date and time stamped files to better assist in gathering evidence. Each of these models record to a Micro SD card that can be hot swapped out. Each model has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows for 8-12 hours of recording or just leave them plugged in for continuous recording. Download each device to a PC or Mac quickly and conveniently without having to use any software to playback your files.

There are four types of Zmax video recorders available, each with their own unique abilities, you can get one with infrared so you can see at night, or try the WiFi enabled version so you can see whats going on at home or work while you are away, or the very popular swivel head model that boasts a 160 degree field of view or get your hands on the original model that's about as big as a stack of playing cards.