Great product and awesome support. Austin went above and beyond to help me get the full utilization of my product.

-- Joan M. on Spy Watch Audio Recorder-Voice Triggered Recording

Excellent Service

My first interaction with company I had to return an item but of no fault of the item. The customer service I recurved to return the item was as equal to when buying. I would not hesitate to do business with them again.

– Daniel F. on Mini Wrist Band Voice Activated Recorder

Great camera

Great collection

– octavio h. on WiFi Zetta Max Hidden Spy Video Camera


Caught her cheating and it was the worst way possible! Like totally ruined my life.

– Anonymous on Lawmate Keychain Audio Recorder-Voice Activation

Pen voice recorder

The pen is very well built and you can’t tell what it is. Writes perfectly. The clarity of the recordings are really clear. I am ivery mpressed with this device.

– brendan m. on Voice Recorder Spy Pen with 19 Hour Battery

awesome device

I was hesitant but I am glad I bought it. The number to call for help is great too. The guy was very helpful and nice. The recorder works great! great audio sound.

– saavy on Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder-Voice Activated


This pen is AMAZING. I had no idea it would be this great. The range of audio the clarity everything is just hands down the best. I still have to learn how to get the turn off feature down but thats more me than the pen. You won't be sorry ordering this product!!!!

– Roland on Voice Recorder Spy Pen with 19 Hour Battery

Great system

I've had one for a few years, there's a trick to getting more range out of it. The outdoor transmitter has an antenna coiled up inside of the device. Open up the device and uncoil the antenna. Make a very small hole for it to safely pass through the bottom and you extend the range quite a bit. Otherwise the unit works great.

– Wolfmots on WiFi Weather Station Hidden Nanny Camera

Spy pen

Very nice job , easy to order , notified you about your order ,delivered your order on time

– john l. on Voice Recorder Spy Pen with 19 Hour Battery

Spy Bracelet

So far, so good, glad to see I can call for customer support

– Julie F. on Mini Wrist Band Voice Activated Recorder

voice changer

great product was amazed at the different pitches that can be used on this device

– pedro l. on Professional Voice Changer


Great product.

Received it on time and works great. My son uses it to record his classes.

– Inger J. on Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder-Voice Activated

Hidden clock camera

The setup of the camera was very easy , customer service was excellent

– Michael S. on Wi-Fi Digital Clock Hidden Camera - Oval


so far very good

– cynthia c. on Professional Multi-Frequency Wireless Bug Detector

Lawmate keychain recorder

Works as expected only thing earphones hard to keep ears work great .

– James S. on Lawmate Keychain Audio Recorder-Voice Activation

Audio Recorder

So Far The Recorder Is Very Nice. I Bought It To Record Jobs I Need To Do At Work. Sound Quality Is Good And Play Back On PC Is Easy. Also Works Great As A Portable Cell Phone Charger. I Recommend This Product.

– David B. on USB Power Bank Audio Recorder with 150 Day Standby


This device is well worth the price. Not only for the product itself but for the Outstanding Customer Service provided by this company and staff. Every facet of this purchase, from initial research to watching the well-done demo's, ordering, shipping, and receiving this item was just plain awesome. Not often do I see a company provide such a high level of Customer Service. Keep up the great work and I will be recommending you all to my friends and associates. You all are simply the best!

– D. Schneider on Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder-Voice Activated

Great product

High quality camera and very good audio recording. Very discreet too, easy to hide in plain sight. Support is most excellent if you have any questions or issues with anything!

– Gary P. on WiFi Zetta Max Hidden Spy Video Camera

Iphone recorder

Excellent! I received it and there was a problem with the power switch. I called Spycentry and they sent me a return label. I sent it back without question and they sent out a new one in a timely fashion. Used it for the first time today on a phone statement and it worked perfectly. Down loaded conversation to my lap top. Simple and I am electronically handicapped !

– Mike C. on Cell Phone Audio Recorder

Customer service is great!

I had a small issue with my first camera in the first week but customer service made sure I had a new clock on my desk a week later. Thank you!

– Kevin on WiFi 1080P Mini Clock Hidden Camera

My purchase

Great response and assistance

– Timothy N. on Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage

I'd give them 10 stars if I could!!!

I love these spy glasses! Even after the 90 day warranty expired the good folks at SpyCentre replaced my first pair at no charge other than the shipping back to them. They truly do stand by their claim of SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. I do recommend trusting your business with SpyCentre and their products. Thank you guys for taking care of me in this matter.

– R. Renee on 720P Spy Glasses


Experience was good. I received the lamp and it would not rotate so I contacted them and received replacement in two days.. Lamp works as it should

– Jason T. on Wi-Fi Multi Color Lamp Hidden Nanny Camera with IR

Small recorder

Wonderful just what I needed to stop bullying !!

– Donna B. on Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage

Did as they said👍They would..

Well I haven't used it yet but come Monday I will I Just wish I knew I had to buy a s.i.m. card so I could use right away but IM SURE ITS GREAT Just like your customer service I had a problem and did not receive my purchase BUT YOU GUYS HANDLED IT AWESOMELY AND SENT ME ANOTHER SO I'm good I'm ONE WHO IS BIG ON customer service so THANK YOU AND WOULD recommend to friends thank you guys👍👌

– Arturo F. on Flash Drive Hidden Micro Spy Camera


I just love this little recorder. It is everything I had hoped for and so much more. Easy to record and play back. I love how clear the play back was. I have friends wanting one too.

– Marcy B. on Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage

The Flashdrive Spy

Really enjoy this device. We can hear recorded conversations through a closed door, that is pretty sensitive. Thanks.

– Andrew B. on Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder-Voice Activated

I like the voice recorder I purchased

It worked very well. I would recommend others to try it out.

– Corey R. on Mini Wrist Band Voice Activated Recorder


I have been in the business of getting the good for my clients, on who they felt were the bad guy/gals working against their best interests. I have used the spy gear superstore equipment from Miami, Florida to Southeast Asia from 1996 to 2015. Their equipment has never failed my agents or the confidence my clients had placed in us to achieve results on their behalf. I feel confident in referring them to any one in our business, for the purpose of surveillance in the field. I personally refer and recommend the spy gear superstore, to all my field agents because they back your needs, with the best equipment in the spy business. In business for 45 years, but after spy gear hit the market, things became much easier to document the evidence. Sincere Regards, David Vincent

– David Vincent on 720P Button Hidden Body Camera

works good

So far works good. I leave it in the room and it records when people talk behind my back. My question if they find it, they can open this usb in the computer and find out. Can i put password for this usb audio recorder? thank you

– Asa on Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder-Voice Activated

Great little recorder

This little voice recorder works just like they say. Words really great.

– James S. on World's Thinnest Micro Voice Recorder-Voice Activated

Have questions🤔

I wish I had a professional to instruct me how to use it correctly, and I’m not sure what to do with the cameras I find, how do you get them out of the wall, ceiling, etc.

– Dawn D. on Camera Finder & Wireless Bug Detector


the best recorder ever


– james NEW JERSEY on Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage

Great product

Very small, good quality voice recorder.

– Suyeon C. on Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage

Great product!

The A129 Duo dash cam set is awesome! It was easy to install and is easy to use. the picture quality is outstanding. I intend to order another one for my wife's car. I highly recommend this if you're in the market for a good front and read cam set.

– Vincent D. on 1080P Dual Channel Wi-Fi Dash Camera with GPS


I am satisfied. I had a hard time connecting the gadget to my wireless, but I called and I was assisted by one of your amazing employees. Within 5 minutes, my adapter is connected to the wifi. I am enjoying the security of my house. Thank you..

– Maria T. on WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera

Absolutely Amazing Product!!!

You can hear like you are standing in the room. I caught him with multiple women. I bought two and it was worth every penny!

– Andrea George on Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder-Voice Activated

Nice product, works great. Excellent

Nice product, works great. Excellent customer service.

– Ron D. on WiFi Zetta Max Hidden Spy Video Camera

Great stuff

Very satisfied with the entire experiance

– Sal on Weatherized GPS Magnetic Carrying Case

Had to buy another one.

My old Zetta IR (infer-red) did so well I had to buy another one. My old Zetta IR (infer-red) did so well I had to buy another one. It not only recorded flawlessly, but the audio was beyond anything I would have expected it would be. It ended up being a bonus since I didn't know I needed the audio during a break in. Only finding out that people discuss the gloat about the current situation and others. So, it can be a great relief to somebody else once hearing about the criminals tactics and any plots on your own home that could involve other people in the future. Even where they plan on taking your stuff if burglary is the issue. Another one is needed and I rely on this visual aspect of the camera to catch the detail the old one gave me to catch a family member vandalize my property and the home to try and force whatever wont be forced to me. Needed always.

– Lauren on Zetta Max IR Hidden Recorder Spy Cam

operates as advertised.

Have tried everything demonstrated on the video. It does what they claim. Can’t speak to storage capacity yet. Don’t seem to be able to transfer recordings to another device, but that was never claimed by seller. Am satisfied with the product.

– Steven M. on Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder-Stores 144 Hours

Update to previous review

Had some minor set backs initially with this product. Received excellent customer and tech support for this group. They did some trouble shooting right over the phone, and now the weather station works well. Great 1080p clarity, motion sensor works wonderfully. I can keep an eye on my home from anywhere. Great product, even better customer service.

– Jeremy Dunfee on WiFi Weather Station Hidden Nanny Camera

Wall adapter

Your employee help me twice or setting up the device I'm very happy with the product

– Turner H. on USB Wall Adapter Hidden Video Recorder

Great product!!

Recently used this watch during a incident, the video and audio were great. I will be definitely using this item again for other applications. Great product!!

– VAN M. on 2K Ultra Spy Watch Hidden Camera

Great Product, Better Customer Service

I have had this recording device for about a month now and have used it daily to record meetings. The product has worked flawlessly and is very simple to transfer recordings to your computer. I would recommend this device for ease of use, decent sound quality. But I am even more impressed with the Customer Service I received. For some reason the device stopped working. I purchased through Amazon but contacted Brian at Spycentre Security directly. I explained my situation and within an hour a new unit was being shipped out to me with no questions asked. I paid for overnight shipping as I have come to depend on this device. In today's retail environment it is not often you find a provider that truly has the customer service mentality. Compliments to Brian and the entire team at Spycentre. I am now a loyal customer of yours for years to come. Thank you very much for the great product and even better service.

– Adam on Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage

The best Spy Pen!!!

The camera gives a superb picture quality! The microphone picks up very clearly. I did pin it to my shirt and was filming the sky, so holding the pen works best for me. I will have to experiment with using it in a shirt pocket. The only difficult part of using the pen, is seeing the blue light turn on in the outdoors. I tried to cover the pen with my hand, but still had difficulty. Wish the light was a bit larger considering its on the back. I like that the memory is stored in the pen and don't have to mess with a card. I would highly recommend this product and the staff is available to help with concerns. I called and got help immediately. buy from this company. They are knowledgeable.

– Linda A. on 2K Ultra Spy Pen Camera

Thumb drive audio recorder and wifi camera

The items arrived super fast, and work as advertised...

– scott s. on Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder-Voice Activated

Weefun voice recorder watch

I purchased this item and instruction book was not enclosed. I emailed the company and was my email was answered quickly, and on a Sunday. Excellent customer service and problem solved. I will be purchasing additional items.

– Tammy H. on Spy Watch Audio Recorder-Voice Triggered Recording