2K Ultra Hi-Res Low Profile Dash Camera | Dashboard Video Cam
Record Hi-Def 2K video 2560x1440P resolution.

2K Ultra Hi-Res Wide Angle Dash Camera

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More and more dash cameras are becoming a necessity, to not only protect yourself but document an event when needed. This easy to use dashboard camera offers a ton of options in a easy to use, reliable package. The Low Profile 1440P dash cam offers an extremely wide 160 degree lens and can be mounted discreetly almost anywhere in the vehicle.

The adjustable lens within the unique wedged shape design can be flush mounted at a 90 degree angle. All activity is recorded both day and night at an extremely sharp 2560x1440P 30FPS resolution stored to a removable SD card.

Car cameras record a first hand account of things such as traffic, weather, and road conditions, and greatly help if an event occurs. This sleek easy to operate camera even offers things such as a mute button to keep conversations private, and some advanced features like lane departure warnings and forward collision warning.

Power is supplied to the device through a USB 2.0 connection that plugs into your car lighter port, and information is displayed on a 2.0" screen for quick reviewing of footage as well as customization. This device can even be mounted upside down because it has ability to rotate the footage right side up.


Are you looking for a vehicle camera that records at a better resolution then 1080P or how about a car cam that is less intrusive and easy to use? Then the 1440P low profile dashboard cam is the security you've been looking for.

Being able to record at 4x the resolution than most dash cameras out there is one of the main reasons why this car cam is so popular. The super wide 160 degree lens and wedge shape with quick release mount make it ideal for practically every need. So if your needing a forward facing vehicle camera, or a back facing camera this low profile device is what you've been looking for. 

Car cameras eliminate the he said she said that usually follows an accident. The first hand account takes out all of that and can streamline an otherwise painful situation. This saves you time, money and expedites repairs to get you out on the road again.


  • Evidence in case of a car accident
  • Preventing bad driving habits
  • Monitor teen driver
  • Preventing Insurance Fraud
  • Recording road trips
  • Proof that an event occurred
  • Capturing the unexpected while you drive


  • OmniVision OV4689 image sensor with Wide 160 degree view
  • Novatek NT96660 Chipset
  • Rotatable video record mode, so the camera can be mounted upside down
  • Tape mount - 3M windshield adhesive reduces vibrations
  • GPS - Record your vehicles speed and location (Optional, not included)
  • Supports 128GB microSD cards
  • Time & date stamp video
  • Records at 2560x1440P at 30fps
  • 2.0" LCD screen
  • AWB (auto white balance)
  • WDR (wide dynamic range)
  • LDSW (lane departure Warning system)
  • FCWS (forward Collision Warning System)
  • Micro SDxC compatible: Use a 128GB card
  • Default on, when power is to the ignition
  • Loop recording for continuous recording video without maintenance
  • One touch microphone mute button
  • Can take snapshots while in the middle of video recording


  • 2K HD 160 Degree Dash Camera
  • 2 3M Mounting Brackets ( Dash/Window)
  • 5 3M Cord Mounting Brackets 
  • USB cable
  • USB Power Adapter 
  • User Manual
  • 1 Year Manufactures Warranty


  • Video Resolution:  2560x1440P at 30fps
  • 1080P Video Resolution: 1920x1080P at 60fps
  • Camera Processor: Novatek NT96660 Chip set
  • Camera Image Sensor: OmniVision OV4689 Sensor 
  • WDR: Yes
  • Field Of View: 160°  Wide Angle
  • Screen: 2.0″ LCD
  • Video Codec: H.264
  • Video Out: AV Out Port
  • Recording Format: MP4
  • Power: Super Capacitor 
  • Media: MicroSD
  • Audio: Microphone Built-in 
  • Connections: USB 2.0
  • Size: 3(L) x 2(W) x 1.2(H) in


Q: What does 2K mean?
A:Its the resolution at which the device records footage, 2K resolution 2560x1440P.

Q: Can this camera record audio of what's happening in the car?
A: Yes, and it has a mic button with which to easily turn that on and off.

Q: How wide is the field of view?
A: This camera has a FOV of 160 degrees.

Q: Can I take still photos with the camera?
A: Yes. 

Q: What size SD card can this camera handle?
A: The maximum size that this camera can support is 128GB.

Q: What is the frames-per-second while recording?
A: That is adjustable based on the resolution: 1440P is maxed at 30FPS, while 1080P can do 60FPS, and 720P can go all the way up to 120FPS.

Q: Does this camera have any special features?
A: Yes, it can sound an alarm if you're drifting between lanes, if you're getting too close to the car in front of you, and it also has the ability to “Plate Stamp” which lets you add in the license plate of another vehicle to the video.


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