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4K Ultra Hi-Res Low Profile Dash Cam with GPS

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This is our newest and greatest dash camera, and it retains all the favorite features we've come to love with each one we carry. Along with the newest 2560x1600p, 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, this unit comes with the GPS logger attachment, the ability to record audio within the vehicle, and a G-sensor that can sense when a sudden shock moves the car, such as when struck by another vehicle. This handy, low-profile dashboard cam is the ultimate unit for capturing high-definition video of your drive, which will hopefully be uneventful; however, we all know that even if we drive skillfully and carefully, not everyone else is paying as much attention to their surroundings.


Car cameras, such as this unit, are meant to be mounted to the windshield to capture what the driver sees. Our Ultra Hi-Res Low Profile device is designed to not dangle down into your field of view, like other types of systems, but to mount right up against the glass and stay out of the way. Of course, it still needs to be plugged in using the included car adapter, and the included 4 meter-long connection cable would certainly be long enough to let you tuck it up into the headliner and out of the way. It doesn't have any batteries, so it will require constant power from the vehicle, though this allows it to boot up and start recording a few seconds after the car is turned on, so you don't need to press any buttons! This unit stores everything it sees on a Micro SD Card, up to a 256GB card, capable of storing up to 24 hours recorded at 4K at 30fps, which you can then pull and plug into a computer to save, delete and review your files. 

Set up takes place all on the unit itself by clicking on REC to stop a recording, MENU to enter settings, the REC and MIC buttons as the directional pad, the Alarm button to confirm selections, and the MENU button to back out. Everything you select can be seen on the 2-inch screen, and here you'll do all the settings, from date/time stamping, picking the video resolution, enabling the GPS logging of your locations, tagging a file with a license plate or other text, along with many more options and feature adjustments. 


All these high-end features make this an easy pick. Set up is simple and easy to visualize with the 2-inch screen. Auto-features such as the G-Sensor to lock recordings when a significant shock is felt, and the wide-dynamic-range that sharpens the picture are must-haves for the security of your vehicle and protection against fraud. The GPS logger is an optional module from the manufacturer, but we've decided to include it for each sale of this unit because it makes it just that much better. And last but certainly not least, the 4K, 2560x1600p resolution footage is just so sharp you can't help but be impressed. Stick this device on your windshield, and never worry about getting your story straight for fraud investigations or accidents again!


  • Fleet vehicle monitoring
  • First-person account if an event occurs
  • Documentation of poor driving
  • Monitor drivers habits, speed, and location
  • Preventing bad driving habits 
  • Preventing Insurance Fraud 
  • Recording road trips 
  • Proof of an event 
  • Capturing the unexpected 


  • Hi-Definition Video
  • GPS Logging ( while logging module in use )
  • G-Sensor: locks recordings when a significant shock is felt
  • Loop Recording
  • Wide Dynamic Range ( WDR )
  • Date/Time Stamp
  • Boot Delay: helps not to use as much power when starting the car, conserving battery usage until the car has had a chance to turn on and start charging the alternator
  • Audio Recording


    • 4K Dash Camera
    • Car Adapter
    • 4m Car Charger USB Cable
    • USB Data Cable
    • Non-GPS Mount
    • Clips
    • GPS Mount
    • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


    • Video Resolutions: 2560x1600p / 2560x1400p / 2304x1296 / 1920x1080p / 1280x720p @ 30fps, 1920x1080p / 1280x720p @ 60fps, 1280x720p @ 120fps 
    • 140* Wide Viewing Angle
    • F1.6 Aperture 7 Elements Glass Lens
    • 2.0in LCD Display
    • GPS Logger
    • G-Sensor & Motion Detection
    • Super Capacitor Powered
    • Quick Release Mount
    • Up to 256GB Micro SD Card Storage Capacity (not included)


    Q: How long does the battery last?
    A: This unit actually doesn't have a battery, as batteries inside a hot car have the potential to explode, but it has a Supercapacitor for quick start-up when the vehicle is turned on.

    Q: What is the maximum size memory card it can handle?
    A: It can use up to a 256GB Micro SD card. 

    Q: What is the field of view?
    A: 140 degrees FOV.

    Q: Can you play back recordings on the unit?
    A: No, this can only be done on a computer. 


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