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Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Alert System

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The driveway patrol alert kit is a wireless motion sensor and alarm receiver.  When the motion sensor detects motion, it will transmit a signal to the receiver to alert you that motion was detected.  The receiver has two different volume levels and can receive alerts from up to 400 feet away.

How Does the Driveway Patrol Wireless Alert System Work?

The small transmitter can be mounted to a wall, ceiling or even simply placed on the ground.  There is no tedious programing of the transmitter and receiver.  Simply put one 9V battery into the transmitter and 3C batteries into the receiver and you are ready to go.

The driveway patrol kit can transmit up to 400ft with a clear line of sight, the distance of your transmission will vary by how many walls and types of walls your transmitting through, be sure to test your product after installation to ensure proper notifications.

Why Choose The Driveway Patrol Kit?

Do you have a workshop behind your house?  Do you have people going places they shouldn't?  This is the perfect product for you.  This will alert you when someone has entered your driveway, home, backdoor, garage, workshop or any other area you'd like to monitor.  This is ideal for retail stores, receptionists office, and at home.

Looking for a alert system that you can add multiple sensors to?  Check out the Optex Wirelss Alert Kit.

What Can The Driveway Patrol Be Used For?

  • Detect Motion in the House
  • Detect Motion in your backyard
  • Detect Motion in your garage
  • Detect Motion on the side of your house
  • Detect Motion outside your window
  • Detect Motion inside your workshop
  • Detect Motion in the stockroom
  • Detect Motion at your gate

What are the Features of the Driveway Patrol Wireless Alert System?

  • 400FT range
  • PIR detection
  • Weather proof transmitter
  • Low or high chime setting

What's Included with the Driveway Patrol Alert System?

  • Driveway Patrol PIR Detector
  • Driveway Patrol Wireless Receiver
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • Quick and simple installation
  • Completely Wireless Connection
  • 30 degree Detection angle
  • Requires 1 x 9v(transmitter) and 3 x C batteries(reciever)
  • Weather Resistant
  • 2 Alert Modes

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