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Another favorite passive GPS tracker, the Tracking Key is an easy-to-use investigative tool. Use it to keep an eye on how the company vehicle is being used, to keep track of where the children go in their new cars, or to log the comings and goings of targets of police or parole investigations. There is no monthly subscription for this device. All the data is stored on the unit and is accessible once it's plugged into a computer, and from there you'll log into a website that will populate all the tracking information it has recorded. 

With no cables required and simply powered by two AAA batteries, this unit has blasted onto the market with a near effortless computer interface and fantastic accuracy to within seven feet! 


The device is an all-in-one unit: there are no external cables required to plug it into a computer as a USB connection is built right onto the main body, and a magnet is attached to the frame for easy and quick mounting to a vehicle. The only other things you'll need are two AAA batteries and a Windows or a Mac computer to plug it into! From there, you'll navigate to the manufacturer's website to upload all the location data that's been recorded and it will show a map with a route traced to everywhere the vehicle has been since you started your current survey. The web interface will also allow you to print off start and stop reports that detail the addresses stopped at and for how long they were there. 

Battery power on this GPS unit is variable with the amount of driving that would be taking place. For example, say the target of your investigation is driving for about two hours a day: with the low-power draw standby mode that initiates when the device senses that it is no longer in motion, this should allow the batteries to potentially last up to 2 weeks. In total, you can store up to 100 hours of driving time location history in the on-board memory of this unit. This can help to show a pattern of behavior for the driver and allow you to be able to figure out where they should be at any given time. Being powered by two AAA's means all you need to do to continue your research is replace them when needed, instead of possibly missing the next opportunity to plant the tracker while waiting for the unit to charge on a rechargeable battery. Just pop in a new pair and you're good to go!


The sheer simplicity of operation for this unit is great for anyone needing to enter the realm of GPS tracking for monitoring family or corporate vehicles, or even for veteran police and sheriff departments keeping an eye on the patterns of ongoing investigations ( as seen on AMC's Breaking Bad! ).

Passive trackers like this allow you to establish a set of behaviors people follow, so as long as you know where the vehicle is going, you'll be able to find them again if you need to confront them with an arrest warrant or simply to provide a severe grounding for misuse of the family car. 


  • Provides GPS location and address
  • Battery powered, easily swap batteries with no need to recharge
  • Magnet for mounting
  • 100 hours of driving time storage capacity
  • No monthly subscription
  • Accurate within 7 feet
  • USB data transfer
  • Website interface on Windows or Mac computer
  • Featured on AMC's Breaking Bad

What's Included?

  • GPS Tracking Key Passive Tracker
  • Manual
  • USB Female to USB Male adapter cable
  • Screwdriver and Grip
  • 2x Extra Screws


  • Battery life rating: 1 hour per day: 3 weeks, 2 hours per day: 2 weeks, 4 hours per day: 1 week
  • Storage Capacity: Approx. 100 hours of driving time
  • Data Output: Flash memory (unpowered)
  • Maximum Number of Satellites: 16
  • Horizontal Accuracy: 7′ (2.5 m)
  • Power Draw: Track mode: 49 mA - Sleep mode: 0.072 mA
  • Power Source: 2x AAA batteries (Lithium Batteries recommended)
  • Sleep Mode Entry: 2 minutes without movement
  • Cold Start GPS Acquisition Time: 41 seconds
  • Warm Start GPS Acquisition Time: 33 seconds
  • Housing Material: Water-resistant ABS plastic
  • Magnetic Mount
  • Operating Temperature: -15 to 185°F (-26 to 85°C)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.8 x 1.5 x 1.3″ (96.5 x 38.1 x 33.0 mm)
  • Weight: 2.3oz w/o batteries, 3.1oz with batteries


Q: Where can I place this on the vehicle?
A: The best place would be underneath the vehicle on the frame so you can attach the magnet to the largest metal surfaces on the car, towards the back of the vehicle. 

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: This is variable, depending on how much driving takes place. For example, with only one hour a day of driving, the 2x AAA batteries can potentially last up to 3 weeks. We recommend using Lithium batteries over Alkaline batteries for longer in field use.

Q: Does the map display the address of where the vehicle stopped?
A: Yes, as long as it is a listed address on Google Maps, though it still would show the GPS location. 

Q: How accurately will it track?
A: It has been rated to be accurate to within seven feet. 

Q: Does it offer a real-time tracking service?
A: No, this unit will require you to pull it from the vehicle and plug it into a computer to review the location history. For real-time results, try our Real-Time GPS Tracking Kit with 80 Hour Battery.


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