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Max detection distance with IR: 82ft

Mini Aura Digital Night Vision Monocular

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Our new NV Digital Monocular is awesome. It comes with digital NV technology so you do not need an image intensifier tube that would burn out over time or when exposed to sunlight. The image is no longer green like gen 1 NV; this offers a great black and white view. It has a 19 degree field of view and can see up to 82 feet in complete darkness. The NV Monocular is compact and lightweight. It is small enough to fit into a pocket so you can carry around all the time. This item is great for camping, hunting, or any type of outdoor activities.

Mini Aura Digital Night Vision Monocular IS SIMPLE TO USE

This device is very easy to use. Simply turn it on by pressing and holding the on button until you see and image. Look thought the eye piece and use the focusing dial (dial closest to you) to focus the distance you would like to look. Then use the objective lens focusing dial(dial farther away from you) to bring the object into focus.


Like to go hiking? Like to go camping? Like to go hunting? This tiny device is the perfect product for you. It is compact and easy to use, you can put it in your pocket and carry it with you for any situation that might arise.


  • See in the Dark While Hunting
  • See in the Dark While Camping
  • See in the Dark While Hiking


  • Small and compact
  • 2 Button operation
  • Use in ambient light or in total darkness with built in IR illuminator
  • Auto off feature preserves battery
  • 3 different levels of IR adjustment

What's Included?

  • Digital NV Monocular
  • Carry Pouch and Wrist strap
  • User Manual
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • NV Type: Digital
  • Magnification: 1x
  • VGA CMOS sensor
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Field of Veiw: 19 degree
  • Min lux: 0
  • Max working lux: 3000
  • Max detection distance with IR: 82ft
  • Diopter adjustment: -4 to +2
  • Battery type: AAA
  • Illuminator range:
  • IR distance: adjustable
  • Daytime/Night time use: Yes
  • Tripod mount: No
  • Water Resistant: No
  • Fog Resistant: No
  • IR System: Pulse IR
  • Operating temperature: 14 to 113 degree F
  • Dimensions: 6.3" x 3.3" x 3.3"   
  • Weight: 58grams (without batteries)

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