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Mini Digital Audio Recorder Voice Activated

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This super tiny, 0.4oz audio recording device may not be as covert as some models, such as our Pro USB model; however, the low weight, small form factor, and built-in clip for this device allow for easy deployment in many types of situations and scenarios. It has a battery enough for 12 hours of recording in the highest quality audio it can capture, with the ability to only capture audio when a sound occurs in the area at the flick of a switch! Not only does this mini sound recorder come with headphones so you can listen to the files while on the go, but the files can also be date and time stamped via a program available to Windows computers.


To initiate a recording, charge it up for two to three hours to ensure you have enough battery life, and then flick the On/Off switch from the middle Off position to either of two little markers on the body of the unit, the " - " for continuous recording or the " .. " for voice activation mode. That's it! You're off and recording!

For playback, you have the option to plug it into a Windows or a Mac computer to listen to the universal MP3 files using Windows Media Player, iTunes, or VLC Media Player, or utilize the headphones included in the package to listen to what was captured without the need for any computer! With only 2 hours needed to charge up, using the included USB/AUX connection, you'll have up to 12-18 hours to operate with a full battery. You'll have to recharge several times before reaching the storage capacity of 144 hours while in XHQ quality or 288 hours in standard quality settings.


This has got to be one of our simplest devices to operate. There is only one button to flick into one of two recording modes, continuous or sound-activated, and you're able to listen to files directly from the device or with any standard media player program on your Windows or Mac computer, such as VLC, iTunes, or QuickTime as they are recorded in standard MP3 format. It'll only take two hours to fully recharge the device from a dead battery, enabling you to get out and record for up to 15-18 hours, just about enough to get you through the whole day! The built-in clip makes for easy mounting to a shirt or clipboard, so you can keep it right out in the open while the small form factor makes it barely noticeable!


This professional mini digital audio recorder is great for recording conversations, school lectures, business meetings, verbal abuse at home, work, or school. You can even use it to record your child custody case interactions with your ex or divorce case. This product can even be used to record verbal interactions with law enforcement, as well as on-the-go recording or as a dictation device!


  • Simple on/off design with no lights to indicate its recording
  • Clear voice recording with the built-in embedded amplified mic
  • Easily switch between voice-activation or continuous record mode
  • Multiple recording quality options to choose from PCM, XHQ and, HQ
  • Record continuously for 12 hours while in PCM, 15 hours in XHQ, or up to 18 hours in HQ mode
  • Recorded files can be date and time stamped on Windows computers for evidence gathering
  • Start and stop recordings with a flick of a switch. Audio pick up range of 40 feet in optimal conditions
  • Fast 2-hour recharge rate. The built-in 8GB memory can store up to 24 hours in PCM, 144 hours in XHQ, or 288 in HQ mode
  • Download recordings easily to a Windows or Mac computer or play files directly off the device with the included headphones


  • User Manual,1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Mini Digital Sound Recorder Noise Activated
  • Metal Clip, Headphones, USB Connection


  • Weight: 4.3 oz
  • Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Mac or Windows Compatible
  • Battery Life Playback: 10 hours
  • Time and Date Stamp **Windows Only**
  • Continuous or Voice-Activated Recording
  • Product Dimensions: 2 1/8 x 5/8 x 1/2 inches
  • Microphone Range: 40 feet in optimal conditions
  • Record Quality Options: XHQ-128kbps, HQ-64kbps
  • Storage Capacity: PCM-24 hrs XHQ-144 hrs, HQ-288 hrs
  • PC Interface: USB, Recording Format: MP3, Memory: 8GB
  • Battery Life Recording: PCM-12 hrs, XHQ-15 hrs and, HQ-18 hrs


Q: After I've plugged it into my Windows/Mac computer, what software will play the audio?
A: One that is completely free to download and use is VLC Media Player.

A: Does this item have a standby mode while in voice activation recording mode?
A: No. 

Q: Can the device date stamp and time stamp its recordings?
A: Yes, but this must be done through a Windows computer.

Q: Can I listen to my recordings directly from the device?
A: Yes, and the device comes with headphones!

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: It has a charge lasting between 12-18 hours. 

Q: What's the recharge time?
A: It will recharge fully within 2 hours.

Q: Can I download my recorded files to my computer?
A: Yes. You can download any of your recorded files onto a PC or Mac using the USB/AUX connection that comes with the unit. 


Date & Time Setup File - Windows

User Guide

 9033 Quick Start Guide

 How to Format Device Memory for Windows, Macs & Chromebooks

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Support Centre

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Very good voice recorder

Great item as described. Need it to catch infidelity. My suspicions was right. Got proof with this product. Must have A+.

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