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Optex 2000 Wireless Receiver & Chime Box

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The All New Optex 2000 Wireless Receiver & Chime Box

This is the same receiver that comes in the Optex Wireless Annunciation Kit.  You can purchase this receiver if you need to replace an old broken unit or if you want to tie in a second receiver into your pre-existing system. The Optex Wireless Receiver is able to support up to 12 sensors in 4 different programmable zones.  It can receive signals from the sensors up to 2000 feet away(Clear line of Sight).

How Does The Optex Wireless Receiver Work?

The Optex Wireless Receiver is capable of supporting up to 12 of the Optex Wireless motion detectors across its 4 programmable zones (3 per zone). There are 3 different audible alert tones to choose from. The ability to program different zones is useful in determining which transmitter(s) are currently detecting motion. This Optex Wireless Receiver features an automatic learning mode which automatically sends transmission codes to the Optex Wireless Transmitters for hassle free setup. This unit is perfect for homes and businesses alike acting as a front/back door monitor.

Why Choose The Optex 2000 Wireless Receiver & Chime Box?

Do you have a workshop at your home?  Do you have strangers going places they shouldn't?  This is the perfect product for you.  The Optex Wireless Receiver is the same one that comes with our Optex Wireless Annunciation Kit so if you need to replace your old or broken receiver all you need to do is buy this. This will alert you when someone has entered your home, driveway, backdoor, garage, workshop or any other area you'd like to monitor.  This is ideal for retail stores, receptionists office, convenience store, at home, backroom and stockrooms.  Just add either our Optex Wireless Motion Sensor or Optex Wireless Door and Window Contact.

What Can The Optex 2000 Wireless Receiver & Chime Box Be Used For?

  • Detect Motion in the House
  • Detect Motion in your backyard
  • Detect Motion in your garage
  • Detect Motion on the side of your house
  • Detect Motion outside your window
  • Detect Motion inside your workshop
  • Detect Motion in the stockroom
  • Detect Motion at your gate
  • Detect When a door has been opened
  • Detect When a windows has been opened

What are the Features of the Optex Wireless Receiver?

  • Identifies 4 zones by 3 different tones and LED lights ( 3 normal zones 1 continuous zone. )
  • Able to learn 12 transmission codes ( each zone can learn 3 transmitters maximum. )
  • Automatic " learning " function facilitates to preset transmission codes to optex wireless transmitter 2000
  • Over 8 million codes possible, eliminates interference from neighbors
  • Programmed " utility output mode " to inactive chime tone ( applicable for zone 3 )
  • Adjustable duration for terminal output
  • Adjustable volume
  • Low battery indicator to recognize transmission units battery status
  • Powered by a 9VDC adapter

What's Included with The Optex 2000 Wireless Receiver & Chime Box?

  • Optex 2000 Wireless Receiver & Chime Box
  • Power transformer
  • Mounting Screws
  • Manual
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • Chime Box/ Relay Receiver
  • Power Source: 9VDC (AC adapter)
  • Power Consumption: 8W max
  • Chime tone: 3 tones & continues zone (selectable)
  • Volume: Adjustable 0- 80dB / 5 levels
  • Relay Output: Form "C" Max 1A/50VAC 24VDC
  • Output timer: selectable: Off/1/5/30/60sec / Utility output mode
  • Statue indicator: Power= Green, Zone indicator= Red
  • Frequency: 418MHz
  • Operating Temp: 15 degree F to 105 degree F
  • Installation Location: Indoor
  • Weight: 6.0oz
  • Accessories: Mounting screws/ AC adapter

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