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Clear Cuff Cutaway Practice Lock Picking Handcuffs - Spy Centre Security

Clear Cuff Cutaway Practice Lock Picking Handcuffs

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The see-through design of this special training handcuff allows you to view what is really happening when a handcuff is being locked, unlocked, double-locked, etc. It is a fully functional handcuff that allows a student to to see and understand the inner mechanical workings of a handcuff. Both the strengths and weaknesses inherent in all handcuffs become apparent. It is also a useful tool for learning unconventional handcuff opening methods, such as the shim pick. Civilian and military police, special agents and prison guards, among many others, must use handcuffs in the course of their duties.


  • Fully functional see through handcuff
  • Understand the inner mechanical workings
  • Learn unconventional handcuff opening methods


  • Steel with Nickel plated with Plastic see through side
  • Held together by industrial Chain Links
  • Double internal Locking mechanism
  • Chrome finish with matching keys


  • Clear Cuff Cutaway Practice Lock Picking Handcuffs
  • Key
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty

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