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Self Destructing Spy Paper - Spy Centre Security

Self Destructing Spy Paper

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Spy Paper that Disintegrates in Seconds

The Self Destructing Spy Paper looks like ordinary paper but when it comes in contact with liquid will disintegrate in seconds. Just place your Self Destructing Spy Paper in a bowl or cup of water and watch it turn into mulch.  Any form of liquid including saliva will cause your paper to turn into mulch. Each pad comes with 32 sheets.

Easy to Use

Simply write on the Self Destructing Spy Paper like any normal piece of paper.  Apply liquid to the paper to destroy it.   Each pad comes with 32 sheets.

Why Choose This Product?

Need to pass sensitive information?  Like Spy stuff?  This is the perfect product for you.  The Self Destructing Spy Paper disintegrates in seconds once it come in contact with liquids.

What Can Spy Paper Be Used For?

  • Novelty Use
  • Communicate Sensitive Information that might need to be destroyed in seconds

What are the Features of Spy Paper?

  • Great for confidential information
  • Disintegrate in any liquid including saliva
  • Non-reconstruction

What's Included with the Self Destructing Spy Paper?

  • Self Destructing Spy Paper
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • 32 sheets
  • Size: 2.75" x 4.25"
  • non toxic

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