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SmartBox Pro GPS Tracker Kit

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Managing a company fleet can be a tedious and taxing process, fraught with inadequate or incomplete reporting by drivers in tracking the mileage, addresses visited or the time taken to and from destinations. Much of the same can be said for packages themselves, with certain tilt or light exposure instructions becoming tantamount to product condition and quality. At the same time, all of this is priceless data for vehicle maintenance and payroll purposes. On a smaller scale, these things can also be stressful when keeping track of family vehicles, or this information may become incredibly crucial in matters of infidelity. 

Our solution to all these sources of anxiety is the SmartBox GPS Tracker. The battery is rechargeable, and the unit comes with a charging dock, so you never have to replace any batteries. The operation and configuration of the device take place on web-based software from a desktop computer. Through this interface, the unit will beacon its location on a map, and it will overlay a representation of the route taken on the screen. Several types of reports can be generated for different types of incidents, from crossing GeoFence boundaries to overspeeding and excessive tilting or light exposure. Current and historical location data is also available through an application on iOS or Android devices. 


The SmartBox solution can solve all these difficult and disturbing problems. Built inside is a module for GPS tracking, the battery pack, and a sensor probe that measures different metrics for various purposes.

A monthly cellular subscription enables the antenna to send all the information collected to a cloud service with an easy-to-navigate web interface called AutoGPS. The current position is overlayed onto a map, with historical location data strung out along the route taken for that time period. There's even an app for that, AutoGPS, available for iOS and Android devices, with the ability to start a route from your current location to the tracker's position. The cellular service also has a secondary function: it offers GSM localization when the tracker loses the signal connection with the GPS satellites, enabling it to ping against nearby cellular towers as it travels down the road. 

While many manufacturers of high-end tracking devices install limits and tiered pricing for faster updates, you may contact SpyCentre to increase or decrease the rate of updating. This creates a variable battery life, and this one feature opens the SmartBox to many different use-cases:

  • A highly sensitive setting for updates to the cloud server is great for vehicle tracking if you need to go out and retrieve the beacon or whatever it is attached to.
  • If you need a general idea of the unit passing through an area, such as allowing a fleet vehicle to take different routes based on conditions of the road and construction areas, then a medium sensitivity setting should suffice.
  • The lowest sensitivity configuration would enable the longest battery life for cases where the item would not be moved for a long time, such as asset tracking.


A probe built inside the case has a bank of sensors designed to measure the environment around itself, providing the user with various useful information streams. 

  • The thermometer can measure the temperature and be used for climate-controlled areas or products.
  • A hydrometer for humidity can let the user know about possible water damage or submersion.
  • The air pressure barometer can be used to determine sea level.
  • For boxes containing fragile materials that cannot be tipped over, the built-in tilt sensing inclinometer has you covered.
  • Some materials may even be light-sensitive. Perhaps you need to be sure that the package is not opened before it reaches its destination: for that, use the light detecting photoresistor.
  • Lastly, a G-sensor operates to monitor for an accident or other significant shock to the vehicle. 


To make management decisions on any of these metrics, reports can be generated and scheduled for accounting or other safety or personal reasons. Generate reports for purposes ranging from:

  • Checking the mileage driven for engine maintenance
  • See where and when the beacon crossed state lines
  • Review GeoFence crossings when a tracker passes in or out of an area you've drawn on a map
  • Investigate reasons for frequent locations being visited if you're worried about infidelity or company time being wasted
  • Checkup on violations of company speeding policies, set to whatever speed limit you wish
  • Research reasons for excessive idling in areas within and outside of normal deliveries 
  • Time spent in/out of an area, such as the fleet parking lot
  • Over 100 different types of reports are available within the system


This live GPS tracking device is a perfect solution to many different problems. Your particular use-case may not utilize some of these features; however, the amazing battery life and the range of different environmental sensors, along with the GPS module, creates the potential for the unit to be used in a variety of ways.

  • Tracking a person? Use the magnets or the strap holes to affix the SmartBox to a vehicle and track where it goes.
  • Got a large fleet? Add as many trackers as needed to your account.
  • Keeping an eye on an unused trailer? Set the battery for power save mode and wait until the SmartBox detects motion.
  • Shipping fragile medical supplies that need to be kept safe? Throw the SmartBox into the trailer to measure temperatures between -20° to 65° C ( -4° to 149° F ), watch for exposure with light levels from 1lux to 50,000lux, or check for excessive tilting, up to 180°. 

Whether you're monitoring a fleet of trucks, a small fleet of family vehicles, or tracking down a person or fragile package, use the SmartBox to provide you with the peace of mind you need to ensure costs are covered, that lies are found out, or that packages arrive at their destination with proper care.  


  • Environmental Probe: monitor light levels for photo-sensitive shipments, measure pressure in kPa to determine altitude, check for tilting of fragile packages, gauge humidity to evaluate for water damage, or assess the temperature for refrigerated goods
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking on a map, with built-in motion detection to save power
  • GSM Localization allows tracking even without a GPS signal, marking each cellular tower it connects with during travel
  • Report generation for various metrics: start/stop times, locations frequently visited, sudden shocks such as emergency braking or accidents, speeding over a set limit, location data for a single day or longer time period, etc. 
  • Computer, iOS, or Android mobile interfaces available
  • Calendar navigation makes it easy to sift through historical data
  • Rechargeable power source: takes only 3 hours to obtain a full battery
  • Dustproof construction of the casing, with built-in magnets and two-strap holes for mounting to different kinds of surfaces


  • User Manual, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • SmartBox 
  • Charging Dock, Cable for Charging, Rubber Plugs and String for upgrading weather resistance


  • GPS activation: Built into the total price
  • Data plan: $39.99 **No contracts pay month to month**
  • Activate same day if GPS forms received before 4 pm CST
  • Daily Pro-rated amount $1.33


 GPS Activation Forms


  • 12Ah Li-Ion Battery 3.7V recharges in 3 hours
  • IP52 Weatherized Casing 
  • Dimensions: 145 x 95 x 34mm
  • Weight: 16.42oz
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz keeps a connection to the servers for localization of a device when a connection to GPS satellites is unavailable
  • Internal WCDMA/GPS antennas for tracking of position
  • 3-axis accelerometer for power conservation and motion detection
  • Air Pressure Detection Range: 50 to 115 kPa, from the summit of Denali to below sea level
  • Photosensitivity Range: 1lux to 50000lux, detecting lights in the darkness
  • Operating Temperature: -20° to 65° C (-4° to 149° F)


Q: How long does the battery last?
A: This is variable and based on how quickly you wish the device to update. This unit was tested at the most sensitive setting for approximately 40 hours of drive time with about 4 hours of driving a day, measuring about 30 hours of idle time and nearly 1100 miles driven. 

Q: Where is the "on" button?
A: There is no power button; it will wake up when it detects that it is in motion. 

Q: Can I follow the device to the last reported location?
A: When stopped, the device will report where it has come to rest, and it will put this on a map. A neat feature within the MotoMon GPS application is that it can connect with Google or Apple maps to start a route from your location to the area of the tracker's last known position. 

Q: Can I look at the history?
A: With a calendar navigation tool, you can pick which day and which trip you want to look at on the map or go to the reports section to download a list of the visited addresses for various time periods. 


 9089 Quick Start Guide


  • Toll-Free: 1-800-292-7748
  • Monday-Friday: 10-6 pm CST
  • GPS account login: Click here

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