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Amplify sound up to 50dB

SuperEar Personal Sound Amplifier

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A SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT Personal Sound Amplifier

The Super ear Hand-held acoustic amplifier allows you to amplify noises around you. The SuperEar is great for people with slight to moderate hearing impaired issues. It can be used in almost any situation to help hear ambient sounds. Use it at church, in a theater, sporting events, outside, inside and bird watching..

SuperEar Personal Sound Amplifier IS SIMPLE TO USE

This item is very easy to use. Simply plug in the headphones turn it on and point in the in direction of the noise you would like to amplify. This sound amplifier will provide up to 50+ decibels of amplification. It is recommended that you keep the volume to a maximum 3/4 instead of full volume. If it is full volume you might receive feedback.


Like to watch TV while your spouse is asleep?  Getting hard of hearing?  This is the perfect device for you.  It will amplify sound up to 50dB.  This is great for when you are out camping, hiking, hunting at sporting events or even the theater. 


  • Sporting events
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Bird watching
  • Amplify sound from the TV while your spouse is asleep
  • If you are hard of hearing


  • Easy to operate
  • Increasing sound made simple
  • Can be adapter to a audio recorder through the aux output
  • Provides crisp clean sound amplification
  • Great for nature lovers, senior citizens, slight to moderate hearing impaired, sports fans and sleuths, birdwatchers, ghost hunters, doctor’s offices and hospitals, excellent In courtrooms, theaters, churches and congregations

    What's Included?

    • SuperEar Personal Acoustic Amplifier
    • Headset
    • AAA Battery
    • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


    • Provides up to 50+ dB sound amplification at 3/4 open volume control
    • 31/2 x 1 23/8 high density foam windscreen
    • Multi element high sensitivity microphone
    • High impact ABS casing and microphone Boom
    • Operational Temperature: 32 to 151F degree
    • requires 1 AAA
    • Battery life: 30hrs

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