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iVision Plus Wireless Two Way Video Intercom System

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Sometimes you're not able to answer the door. You may be stuck cooking dinner, fixing something in the back yard, or sick in bed. Answer the door from anywhere in the home with the iVision Plus Video Doorbell unit.

With a hard-wired video doorbell and a handheld LCD screen intercom unit placed anywhere in the home within radio frequency range of the doorbell, let the mailman know he can leave the package there, invite in your friend while you give your baby a bath, or shoo away any potential burglar. Even when you're not at home to answer the door, the iVision+ will snap a photo of who came by so you can review activity when you get back home.

OPTEX has also taken the peace of mind offered from the previous iVision models and expanded it, now allowing for multiple handheld units, multiple doorbell/camera units and the ability to remotely release electronic door locks through a gateway/chime unit. The  iVision Plus Wireless Two Way Video Intercom System also integrates with the OPTEX Wireless 2000 (RCTD-20U), allowing the camera on the door unit to open when triggered by the Wireless 2000’s sensor unit.


The iVision Plus and the Optex family of products all operate using Radio Frequencies to send signals back and forth from the doorbell unit and the hand-held video intercom unit. The doorbell is hard-wired to your existing doorbell's power supply and has an adjustable built in color camera that switches over to black and white at night with the built in infrared night vision. The hand-held unit has a mini LCD screen and buttons to answer a call, turn off the call, scroll through previously captured pictures and open the door itself (if you've attached the optional Door Release unit).

The battery operated hand-held video intercom can snap photos of whoever you're talking with outside or even when you're not home so you can later review who came up to the door throughout the day, either off the intercom unit itself or by plugging into a computer and offloading your files.


The iVision Plus is a convenient way to know if and when someone came up to your door, while you're home or while you're away. Since you are able to take the hand-held unit anywhere in the home within radio frequency range of the doorbell, you can start the conversation with the friend that just pushed the doorbell before you even make it to the door or open the door for your children while you're cooking in the kitchen.

With the newest iVision Plus models, you are also able to expand the system to use up to 2 doorbell camera units, up to 4 hand-held video intercoms, and up to two Gateway Chime/Door Release units.


  • Easy to install
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Two way video intercom system
  • Easy to use


  • The iVision Plus Wireless Two Way Video Intercom System
  • Charging Cradle For Hand Held Unit
  • AC Adapter
  • Battery Pack For Hand Help Unit
  • 2 Mounting Screws (Hand Held Unit)
  • 4 Mounting Screws/Anchors (Doorbell Unit)
  • User Manual
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • RF Range Up To 330FT
  • Digital Voice/Image Transmission
  • Multi-unit Expandable
  • Snap/Auto Image Recording
  • Active Browse Function
  • 2.4in TFT LCD Monitor
  • Wall-Mountable Cradle
  • Manual/Auto Talk Switching
  • Adjustable Camera Angle
  • Battery Operation Capability's (1 Year)
  • Auto Day / Night IR Vision
  • AC/DC (10-24v) Adaptable
  • Splash Proof For Rain And Outdoor Conditions (-4F to 122F)


Q: Can the iVision Plus be battery powered?
A: The hand-held set is battery powered, and the doorbell does have the capability to be battery powered for up to a year of use, but it would always be recommended for a hard-wired installation of the doorbell so you never have to worry about it again.

Q: Can the video feed go to my phone?
A: No, this device only sends a video feed to the hand-held unit.

Q: How far is the radio frequency range of the devices?
A: The devices can connect to each other over a distance of 330ft, line of sight.

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