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Rabbler White Noise Generator

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Protecting yourself from nefarious eavesdropping recorders has become a top priority in the age where everyone has a personal computer in their pocket. Even when standard precautions are made, micro covert audio devices could still cause havoc and potentially put sensitive information at risk. The Rabbler voice generator was developed to combat this by defeating any recorder operating within the 300hz-3600hz range.

When placed on a table The Rabbler creates an audible interference which masks the conversation. It doesn't matter how sensitive, or advanced the listening device is. The Rabbler will make any environment resemble an over crowded restaurant and obliterate any ability to identify what's being said. Even trying to use software to clean up the sound is extremely difficult if not impossible when used correctly.  


Powered by s single 9vlt battery, the Rabbler voice protector can operate consistently for 10 hours at a time. The operation of the jammer is simple and can be activated by a single button at a moments notice. There is an adjustable volume dial that can be amplified to completely disguise the conversation.

How to use the device is straightforward. Place the voice generator in between you and other party and adjust the volume till it matches the correct tone of both your voices. What the Rabbler does is create a completely gobbled mess of voices and conversations, different voice types, tones and volumes to mask what is being said. You and the other participant will still be able to hear each other, but nullify any attempt of a digital device to cleanly isolate your conversation.

If the meeting is more then two people, it's highly recommended that additional Rabblers are used. The jammer is best suited directly in front of the person talking, and will not function correctly in a pocket or at too low a volume.  


Do you need to protect against invasive recording or eavesdropping? Do you need to make sure company secrets don't leave the room? Are you worried that sensitive material could be leaked? Then the Rabbler audio generator is your solution.

Leaks and unwanted recordings can damage your company's reputation, finances and your personal life. What the Rabbler does is supress the ability for any covert voice recorder to intercept what matters most. Once the device is activated it's like the room has become an overcrowded restaurant full of competing conversations and sounds. Even the most sophisticated eavesdropping device will be overloaded and any precise ability to dissect the file later will be met with frustration and anger, protecting yourself, your investments, and your conversations.


  •     Voice recorders

  •     Radio microphones

  •     GSM/3G “bugs”

  •     Body-carried video cameras - watches, ties, etc. (jamming of acoustics)
  •     Wired microphones

  •     Any other type of audio surveillance


  •     Designed by TSCM counter surveillance professionals and will protect you against all types of eavesdropping when used in correspondence with the recommendations.
  •     Employs a new approach to the problem of conversation protection.
  •     Uses a new, speech-like noise which, in the most of cases, has proven to be more efficient when compared to static noise.
  •     The noise has been ‘compiled’ using real human conversations and is similar to the noise of a ‘rabble’ in busy public places. This type of noise is the most  effective when creating interference to voice recorders and listening devices, especially when the size of the protective device is critical.
  •     Is a portable, cigarette-pack sized device which can easily be transported in a pocket or a small bag.
  •     Has been specifically designed for situations when the safety of conversations is extremely important on the one hand, and on the other hand the protective device should be as small as possible to allow easy transportation while not giving away your intentions.
  •     As the Rabbler is always nearby, it can easily be taken out and used anytime with the slightest chance of any information leakage.


  • The Rabbler White Noise Generating Device
  • 1 x 9V Battery
  • Leather Case
  • Manual
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • Box Size 7.00 x 5 x 1.50
  • Controls: Power and Volume
  • Frequency Range 300 Hz-3600 Hz
  • Indicators: Power, Volume, Level
  • Power 9V
  • Unit Size 2 x 3.25 x .75
  • Weight .85


Q:Is this a signal jammer?
A:No, this does not jam signals. It creates multiple voices all taking at the same time so people listening will not be able to distinguish your conversation.

Q:Do you sell signal jammers?
A:No, they are illegal to sell.

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