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The Ring Wifi Video Doorbell Pro

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The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is your simple solution to securing the safety of packages left at your door while you're away, or checking to see who could be at the door at 2 in the morning. With a 1080P resolution camera, advanced motion detection features, night vision, notifications and live stream of incidents to your iPhone or Android smartphone, let the Ring Video Doorbell Pro guard your home and leave you with peace of mind.


      The Ring Video Doorbell Pro needs to be hard-wired using your existing doorbell's power supply cables, and the device comes with all the tools necessary for installation. It also uses a little power pack that's installed at the doorbell chime inside your home to make sure it gets all the power it needs. It has all of two buttons on the device; one for the doorbell on the front, and one on the side for it to emit a WiFi signal that you can find and connect to using the Ring app on a smartphone. The Ring app guides you through the set up process, such as giving the device a GPS location, a name (such as “Front Door”) and tying it to the WiFi network of the home so you can be alerted on your smartphone as to motion being detected in front of the camera or even just if the doorbell is rung, even while you're not home.

      The Ring Video Doorbell Pro has a built in motion sensor with features more advanced than the original Ring Video Doorbell, allowing you to set custom built zones needing to be watched for motion. When these zones are triggered the camera will activate and alert your smartphone and let you see, hear and speak with whoever may be out there with the HD 1080P camera and 2 way speaker. The Ring family of products also come with Infrared LEDs, permitting you to know what's happening in front of the camera even in total darkness.

      Right after installation, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is able to connect to your WiFi at home and then to your smartphone for a video live stream and 2 way talk. Never worry if you miss a ring with the optional Cloud Storage, costing only a low monthly or annual fee for up to 6 months of storage capacity. This allows you to review footage of what happened throughout the day while you were busy at work or taking the kids to their baseball game.


      If you're looking for an outdoor, WiFi connectable, night vision HD camera, this is an easily installed solution for your security concerns. Since the device requires a hard-wired installation, you're able to view through the camera whenever you want, when you receive a motion detection alert to your smartphone, or even if you're just bored in a tiny gray cubicle at work and want to look out at your beautiful green lawn for motivation. Always receiving full power, you're able to see, hear, and speak through your video doorbell at any point during the day or night, wherever you have coverage, even if you're halfway around the world!

      Couple this device with any of the other products from the Ring family for use on the same smartphone app, such as the Ring Stick Up Camera, or use the original Ring WiFi Video Doorbell at any other door also needing to be watched, and create your own DIY security system!


      • Protection your packages left at the porch
      • Letting you know someone's at the door via alerts to your smartphone, wherever you may be
      • Watch over the home while you're away
      • Catch any suspicious activity, such as a potential burglar testing to see if you're home
      • Provide nighttime security with the built-in Night Vision
      • Speak with whoever may be outside the door, visitors, mailman, milkman, gardeners, etc.


      • Remote accessibility: View through the camera and speak with whoever is at your door anywhere your smartphone has coverage.
      • Motion sensitivity: With built-in motion detection sensors, be alerted to movement in the area day or night, with more advanced detection than other ring products.
      • Simple install: You won't need to call a professional or need any special tools to set this device to the wall within minutes, and the easy to navigate ring app will guide you through connecting the device to your home's WiFi network for remote access to the video doorbell.
      • 2 Way intercom: Hear and speak with anyone at your door using the built-in intercom.
      • HD 1080p video: Know exactly who's out there with the clear and sharp 1080p resolution camera.
      • Durable design: built for the great outdoors.
      • Night vision: See what's going on anytime of day, thanks to infrared LEDs.
      • Cloud recording: Never miss any activity at your home with optional cloud recording.


      • The Ring Video Doorbell Pro
      • Micro USB charging cable
      • Mounting bracket and level
      • Screwdriver
      • Screwdriver bit
      • Drill bit
      • Wood screws
      • Masonry screws and anchors
      • Users manual
      • Warranty: 1 Year on Parts


      • Night Vision
      • Video 1080P Video
      • Dimensions: 4.50 in. x 1.85 in. x .80 in
      • Operating Temperature -5 ºF to 120 ºF
      • Field of view 160 degrees
      • Night Vision Infrared LEDs
      • Encryption Bank-grade
      • 4 Interchangeable Face plates
      • Optional wiring and connectors
      • Drill Bit
      • Screwdriver
      • Pro Power Kit
      • Installation Screws & Anchors
      • Quick Setup Guide
      • iOS® or Android™ mobile device.
      • Minimum OS requirements are iOS® 7+ or Android™ 4.0+, respectively.
      • Wi-Fi internet connection (802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz)


      Q: Can I access the video feed at any time?
      A: Yes, you can see through the camera at any time since it is hard-wired.

      Q: How far does the night vision go?
      A: You'll be able to see objects about 30ft out from the camera.

      Q: Is the camera weatherized to go outside?
      A: Yes, each of the Ring family of products can be used outdoors.

      Q: Is the Ring app free?
      A: Yes, the Ring app itself is free and allows for live streaming video and two way talk, however if you wish to record what the camera sees that does incur a low monthly or annual charge of $3 a month or $30 for the whole year, activating 6 months worth of cloud storage.

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