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WiFi Clock Radio Hidden Camera - IR - Spy Centre Security - 1

WiFi Clock Radio Hidden Camera - IR

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Being able to capture footage of what matters most is the driving force behind the WiFi IR Clock Radio Nanny Camera. The majority of nanny cameras only let you review footage after the incident occurs while this Clock Radio Nanny Camera allows for real time live viewing over your cell phone. What can be more assuring then knowing at anytime, what is currently happening, and also having a copy of the incident recorded on a SD card.  The Clock Radio hidden camera has built in IR so it can see in low light and even in complete darkness.


Underneath the Clock Radio is a QR code that you can scan. This is how you connect the WiFi Hidden Camera to your phone. After downloading the free EZ-SEE App from iTunes or Play Store, the camera is easily added by simply selecting Add and scan the QR code. The WiFi Clock Radio produces its' own p2p signal that is visible on your mobile device under the WiFi settings. Select the hidden camera, enter the provided password and you're connected.

From here you can view live, customize your setting, and even connect the now visible camera to your home or business WiFi. Once over the network, the Clock radio spy camera is visible from anywhere in the world, and can even notify you if motion is detected. 

Review the footage by removing the hidden Micro SD card. This can be connected to Windows computer as well as a Mac. The files are encoded as .AVI file type and are playable on Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, iTunes, or Quicktime.


Are you looking for a camera you can see over your phone? Do you need something that can detect motion even at night? Do you want something easy to setup as well as full tech support available? Then the WiFi Clock Radio Hidden Camera with IR is perfect.

As stated above, the setup is simple, remote visibility takes moments, and customization is endless. This really is a well designed device. Some of the features that truly make it impressive is the ability to fully work as a self recording motion activated camera even when WiFi is not an option. So long as the clock has power, and a memory card is inserted it will work day and night. The night vision will ensure that even in a completely dark environment HD quality recording is possible.

Another thing to consider that the WiFi Clock camera with night Vision offers is manufacturer tech support. This is something not many company's offer, and it's even rarer for a hidden camera. So no matter your level of knowledge, knowing there will be assistance if needed is monumental.


  • Watch the Nanny as they take care of your children
  • Look out for Housekeepers taking items from your home or office
  • Record House Guests stealing or going where they aren't supposed to be
  • Make sure the Care Givers are not stealing
  • Recording Maintenance Workers coming in without work being requested
  • Monitor your Kids
  • Record the behavior of your Spouse
  • Monitor for Child Abuse
  • Checking for Care Giver Abuse
  • Find out if there's any Drug Abuse going on


  • View any time from anywhere
  • Playback on PC or MAC
  • Easy set up using QR code
  • Free phone APP, free live streaming
  • See the action close up using the APP with 4x zoom capabilities
  • Event notification/alert instantly know when someone enters your home or office
  • Real WiFi remote view using a server
  • Use on any smart phone or tablet to view video
  • Motion recording
  • Date & time stamped video recordings
  • Records video on a micro SD card up to 64GB even if your WiFi isn’t working you still capture video
  • Add as many cameras as you need in any location and see on one app
  • Download app to as many devices as needed


    • WiFi Clock Radio Hidden Camera - IR
    • User Manual For Clock Radio
    • User Manual For DVR
    • 1 Year Manufactures Warranty


    • Pixel Quantity - 1280x720
    • Watch Recordings on a Windows Computer or Apple Computer
    • Image Sensor: 1/3" Digital CMOS
    • 140° Field of Vision
    • Functions with Video System NTSC/PAL
    • Recommended Weather - 22°F - 158°F
    • Unseen 940 nm IR (NV units only)
    • Video Resolution 1280x720 | 720P HD
    • Records in H.264 compression
    • Offers Time & Date on the recordings
    • Capable of using a 64GB memory card or lower (Class XC1) - Confirmed with Toshiba and Samsung EVO
    • Flexible Recording Resolution (Best, Better, Low)
    • Different Recording Options
    • Allows the Customization of the FPS (up to 15 frames per second)
    • .AVI File Format for Reviewing Recordings
    • 802.11 b/g/n Standards
    • 3 dBi Antenna Gain
    • iPhone 3GS or Bigger
    • iPad iOS 5.1 or Bigger
    • Android 2.3 or Bigger


    • 64GB up to 86 hours at 1280x720 Resolution


    Q: I can't see the camera over the internet whats going on?
    A: There could be several reasons for this, not actually connected to the wifi network on your smartphone, internet is out, incorrect wifi password.

    Q: I can see the camera remotely sometimes, and other times it looks choppy and not smooth whats going on?
    A: To achieve a less choppy video signal we recommend lowering the stream quality. This won't change the recording quality, but in some cases can be a quick fix if the data transmission is slow, Still having issues contact tech support at 1-800-590-4272.

    Q: I'm trying to set up this camera at a hotel, and there is WiFi but I can't see the camera on my phone, what can I do?
    A: The most common reason would be the way WiFi access is available. Most hotels set up guest WiFi accounts. This doesn't necessarily mean that the camera won't work, but in most cases if Admin access is not available this is likely the reason that you can not access your camera on your cell phone.

    Q. How far can the night vision see?
    A: Roughly 20Ft.

    Q: Is the Video Date and Time Stamped?
    A: Yes

    Q: Whats the largest SD Card I can use?
    A: 64GB

    Q: Do I need special Software to play the recorded video files?
    A: No this unit records all of its video into an AVI format so you can use any video player (Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player ) to watch your recorded videos.

    Q: Can I download my videos on a PC and Mac?
    A: Yes. If you own a Mac we recommend downloading VLC media player for macs to view your recorded videos.

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