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WiFi Cable Box Hidden Camera - Spy Centre Security

WiFi Cable Box Hidden Camera

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Outside covert surveillance used to be difficult, but not any longer. This completely sealed, wireless WiFi hidden camera is cleverly hidden inside of a standard looking Cable Box. Mount it to a wall, place it next to a shed, or anywhere you choose. the options are endless. This weatherized covert device records HD video in 720P quality triggered upon a PIR motion sensor. Each recording is date and time stamped for easy reviewability, and can connect to your WiFi for remote viewing capabilities anywhere in the world!

Internally everything is recorded onto a concealed Micro SD card that is hidden within the base of the unit. This WiFi Cable Box Hidden Camera comes equipped with a WiFi antenna that allows you to connect the camera. If you can stand where you want to place it and get a WiFi signal on your phone, then you can see this outdoor WiFi camera live.


Step 1, download the Free EZ-SEE App on your mobile device. Step 2, Insert a Micro SD card up to 64GB. Step 3 Scan the QR code through the EZ-SEE App under add a new device. And finally, Step 4, connect to the camera using your WiFi setting on your phone. It's that easy. The WiFi cable box hidden camera is now visible on your iPhone, or Android.

For remote viewing when your not at home is equally simple. Under the EZ-SEE app you can choose to connect your spy camera to your home or business WiFi network, once on the network you can view live and receive motion alerts from anywhere in the world. But your not alone in this, and full tech support is available from the manufacturer Monday through Friday, just in case a helping hand is needed.

Beyond it's weatherized design, one of the best features available is the ability to set up motion alert notifications. This can contact you and alert you that something has been spotting within the cameras view, and allow you to log in remotely to see what happened in HD quality.

The recorded files are also easily review able and compatible with both Windows and Mac PCs. Simply remove the SD card and plug it into your computer. The videos are recorded in .AVI file types, this is playable using Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, iTunes, and Quicktime. Each file is time and date stamped for quick and hassle free searching.


Sometimes a clock just doesn't fit the bill. This is almost certainly the case if an event your needing to capture is outside. The WiFi motion activated cable box hidden camera is completely self contained and water resistant. This battery powered model allows you to easily mount the HD 720P WiFi hidden cable box practically anywhere you desire, and the only thing you really need to think about when it comes to how you'd like the hidden camera to work is making sure your still in range of your WiFi.

But that's not a deal breaker. This motion activated outdoor camera dose in fact work completely independently if the situation calls for it. The Micro SD card storage will ensure that even if WiFi is not available, the camera is still fully capable of activating and recording internally. 


  • Home Security
  • Outdoor Security
  • Backyard Security
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Driveway Security
  • Garage Security
  • Air Conditioning Security


  • Remotely view able from anywhere
  • Playback on PC or MAC
  • Weatherized for outdoor use
  • Time and date stamped video recordings
  • Motion recording
  • Up to 16 hours in continuous record mode
  • 90 Day battery standby
  • Supports up to a 64GB SD card
  • Records video on a micro SD card up to 64GB even if your WiFi isn’t working you still capture video
  • Easy to use
  • No monthly costs
  • Event alerts
  • Use virtually any smart phone or tablet
  • Multiple camera support


  • WiFi Cable Box Hidden Camera
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • CD w/Manual
  • Rechargeable Battery 
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Year Manufactures Warranty


    • 1280x720 Pixel Amount
    • Playback on PC or MAC
    • 1/3" Digital cmos Image Sensor
    • 140° Line Of Sight
    • NTSC/PAL Compatible Video System
    • Operating Temperature 22°F - 158°F
    • Imperceptible 940 nm IR's (Night Vision models only)
    • 1280x720 Recording Quality
    • H.264 Video Compression
    • Allows Time and Date to be saved
    • Capable of Supporting a 64GB memory card  (Class XC1) - Confirmed with Toshiba and Samsung EVO
    • Allows you to customize the recording resolution (HD & D1)
    • Different Recording Options
    • Allows you to customize the frame rate (up to 15 fps)
    • .AVI File Format
    • Working Temperature 32° F - 122° F
    • 802.11 b/g/n Standards
    • 3 dBi Antenna Gain
    • iPhone 3GS or Above
    • iPad iOS 5.1 or Above  
    • Android 2.3 or Above
    • 5V 10,000 mAh Lithium-ION Rechargeable
    • 90 days standby in PIR mode
    • Allows 16 hours in Nonstop recording mode
    • Charge time 10 hours
    • Battery Life: Wifi On - 10 Hours of Nonstop Recording
    • Battery Life: Wifi Off - 16 Hours of Nonstop Recording


    • 64GB up to 86 hours at 1280x720 Resolution


    Q: I can't see the camera over the internet whats going on?
    A: There could be several reasons for this, not actually connected to the wifi network on your smartphone, internet is out, incorrect wifi password.

    Q: I can see the camera remotely sometimes, and other times it looks choppy and not smooth whats going on?
    A: To achieve a less choppy video signal we recommend lowering the stream quality. This won't change the recording quality, but in some cases can be a quick fix if the data transmission is slow, Still having issues contact tech support at 1-800-590-4272.

    Q: I'm trying to set up this camera at a hotel, and there is WiFi but I can't see the camera on my phone, what can I do?
    A: The most common reason would be the way WiFi access is available. Most hotels set up guest WIFI accounts. This doesn't necessarily mean that the camera won't work, but in most cases if Admin access is not available this is likely the reason that you can not access your camera on your cell phone.

    Q: Is the Video Date and Time Stamped?
    A: Yes

    Q: Whats the largest SD Card I can use?
    A: 64GB

    Q: Do I need special Software to play the recorded video files?
    A: No this unit records all of its video into an AVI format so you can use any video player (Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player ) to watch your recorded videos.

    Q: Can I download my videos on a PC and Mac?
    A: Yes. If you own a Mac we recommend downloading VLC media player for macs to view your recorded videos.

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