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WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Nanny Camera - Side View Camera - Spy Centre Security

WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Nanny Camera - Side View Camera

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Need to watch people going down a hallway or see what's happening in a room? Our side view WiFi smoke detector hidden nanny camera has you covered. This device has a HD 720p camera that is built into a non functioning smoke detector-looking enclosure. With a downward side angled lens, its perfect for looking down a hallway or up in the corner over viewing the entire room.

Not only does it record to a memory card continuously or by body heat using a Passive Infrared (PIR), but it is also connects to WiFi in the location so, you can see what the camera sees and can even review the recording right from your phone! When the PIR is triggered a push notification can alert you anywhere in the world exactly when movement occurs.  Using the PIR triggered recording mode, you can get an impressive 90 days of standby time, which makes this device perfect for vacation homes and areas people are not supposed to be!

Beyond that, this specific unit has Night Vision, and is fully capable of seeing 10-15 feet in total darkness!


The side view WiFi smoke detector camera takes just a few minutes to set up. Mount an SD Card (up to 32GB) inside, connect the camera to the battery and turn on so it'll start emitting a WiFi signal. With your iPhone or Android smart device download the free SG HOME app from the app store and connect to the spy camera's personalized WiFi signal. Open the app, tap the add camera "+" on the App's home screen, follow the steps and you'll now be able to see what the camera is looking at right now!

When adding a new camera, first connect your smartphone to the WiFi network you'd like to place the camera on, then once under the "+" enter the password for that network and select next.  Customize your devices security by choosing your own unique password then continuing. A pop up will allow you to navigate through the App to the WiFi signals available in the area. Select the Smoke Detectors specific signal and navigate back to the App to finish connecting. The App will then pair the hidden camera with the wireless network so it can be viewed from anywhere in the world!

Set the DVRs internal storage setting directly from your phone for date/time stamping of the video files, setting it to record for certain time periods and even review the recording right after the event occurred over the SG HOME App.

Add as many like-brand cameras as you need at a location and they will all be viewable with the same application. A fully spent 16 hour battery will take at least 10 hours to recharge, so make sure to recharge the battery first using the included cable, plugged into a computer. With a 32GB SD Card, you'll be able to store up to 32 hours of 720p video, which means the battery will need to be recharged long before you've even filled the memory to half capacity.

This covert camera records everything to an SD Card mounted inside the smoke detector enclosure. The files are saved in .AVI format, so you'd be able to review the footage on a Windows or Mac computer using VLC, Windows Media Player or QuickTime.

Being battery powered, you will only be able to view the live stream when the PIR Body Heat trigger activates a recording, thereby saving the 16 hour record-time battery for only those times it actually sees something happening.


Every home and office has at least one or more smoke detectors installed in plain view, but sometimes the batteries die so adding one more for "extra protection" shouldn't raise any suspicions. This cleverly concealed WiFi side view smoke detector camera is made to look just like any other smoke detector you've casually noticed, and can be used anywhere coverage is needed. Mount, turn on, and let the HD hidden camera do the rest. Protection has never been so simple.

Inside is a Night Vision, Body Heat (PIR) activated 720p camera that will only be triggered to record when a warm body enters a room. This sophisticated system allows the 16 hour recording battery to last up to an extraordinary 90 days in stand by! It'll record to an concealed SD card hidden in the unit up to 32 hours of 720p video on a 32GB. 

Connect the camera to the WiFi of the location to view a live stream, send you notifications when movement is detected, review footage,and record directly to your iPhone or Android smart device. It has never been better to get the information that matters most.


  • Record your thieving Nanny
  • Make sure the Housekeeper isn't stealing from you
  • Ensure safety of property when you have House Guests
  • Covertly record Care Givers' working with your parents or children
  • Check for surprise visits from Maintenance workers
  • Check on Kids' behavior while you're gone
  • Monitor your Spouse for infidelities
  • Secretly monitor for Child Abuse
  • Evidence gathering of Care Giver Abuse
  • Watch out for Drug Abuse


  • Remotely accessible while tied to WiFi, view from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Play footage on PC or MAC
  • 16 hours continuous record battery, 90 days standby time
  • Body Heat Passive Infrared triggered video recording
  • Video files are time/date stamped
  • Supports up to a 32GB SD card
  • Simple set up
  • No monthly fees
  • Digital zoom from the app
  • Push notifications to your smartphone/tablet based on PIR Body Heat detection
  • Use any IOS 8.0 or Android 4.4 OS smartphone or tablet
  • SG HOME App supports multiple cameras


  • WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera
  • CD Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Year Manufactures Warranty


    • 125° Line Of Vision
    • Asses Videos on PC or MAC
    • NTSC/PAL Adaptable Video System
    • Functioning Climate 22°F - 158°F
    • Unseen 940 nm Infrared (Night Vision models only)
    • 1280x720 Resolution
    • H.264 Video Compression
    • Time/Date Stamp
    • Up to 32GB memory card capacity (Class 10) - Confirmed with Toshiba and Samsung EVO
    • Adjustable Resolution
    • Multiple Video Recording Modes
    • 30FPS Frame Rate
    • AVI Video Playback Files
    • Operating temperature 32° F - 122° F
    • 802.11 b/g/n Standards
    • 3 dBi Antenna Gain
    • iPhone 3GS or higher
    • iPad iOS 8.0 or higher    
    • Android 4.4 or higher
    • 5V 10,000 mAh Lithium-ION Rechargeable
    • 90 days standby in PIR mode
    • Charge time 10 hours
    • Battery Life: Wifi On - 10 Hours of Continuous Recording
    • Battery Life: Wifi Off - 16 Hours of Continuous Recording


    • 32GB up to 32 hours on 1280x720 Resolution


    Q: I can't see the camera over the internet whats going on?
    A: There could be several reasons for this, not actually connected to the wifi network on your smartphone, internet is out, incorrect wifi password.

    Q: I can see the camera remotely sometimes, and other times it looks choppy and not smooth whats going on?
    A: To achieve a less choppy video signal we recommend lowering the stream quality. This won't change the recording quality, but in some cases can be a quick fix if the data transmission is slow, Still having issues contact tech support at 1-800-590-4272.

    Q: I'm trying to set up this camera at a hotel, and there is WiFi but I can't see the camera on my phone, what can I do?
    A: The most common reason would be the way WiFi access is available. Most hotels set up guest WIFI accounts. This doesn't necessarily mean that the camera won't work, but in most cases if Admin access is not available this is likely the reason that you can not access your camera on your cell phone.

    Q: Is the Video Date and Time Stamped?
    A: Yes

    Q: Whats the largest SD Card I can use?
    A: 32GB

    Q: Do I need special Software to play the recorded video files?
    A: No this unit records all of its video into an AVI format so you can use any video player (Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player ) to watch your recorded videos.

    Q: Can I download my videos on a PC and Mac?
    A: Yes. If you own a Mac we recommend downloading VLC media player for macs to view your recorded videos.

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