What Happened to Cheaters Spy Shop?

It all began with a famous TV show, Cheaters. The weekly syndicated reality television series featured couples with one partner cheating or committing an adultery act. The Cheaters Detective Agency leads the investigation.

Cheaters premiered in October 2000 and ended in 2021. Peter Gunz, Clark James Gable, Joey Greco, and Tommy Habeeb hosted the series.

The series creator also decided to start a business called Cheaters Spy Shop, which allowed consumers to purchase the latest surveillance products. The target audience of this shop included people who wanted to investigate their partners themselves using surveillance equipment. Any evidence would help them decide the future of their relationships.


The Cheaters Spy Shop served as a one-stop solution for couples who want to buy surveillance equipment for spying on their partners. The shop aimed to make these products easily accessible to ordinary people so they could catch their unfaithful partners with evidence in hand.

The Cheaters Spy Shop sold all types of equipment that suspicious partners could keep in the unfaithful person’s house to collect evidence against their partner before confronting them. The surveillance equipment was disguised as everyday products, such as pens, video players with cameras, etc. Suspicious partners would place this equipment in the room or house of an unfaithful person to collect evidence.


The Cheaters Spy Shop is not operational, even though the TV series is still on the air. Potential buyers who visit the website report that it has been offline for many years. The shop has had no social media presence since the last official Twitter post came out almost six years ago.

Most buyers didn't receive any workable products, while some still needed to receive their orders. Reviews tracked by TrustPilot and other sites show that many people could not offer their feedback on their service. There were at most ten reviews on the site. Only a tiny percentage gave a positive rating.

Buyers have expressed dissatisfaction over the products' failure to function and the return process. Customers also noted language barriers when attempting to speak with the shop's customer service, even though Cheaters was an American television series.

Additionally, there have been numerous reports of customers placing orders, paying for them, and never receiving anything. Since the company's items frequently went missing during shipping and Cheaters Spy Shop not issuing refunds, lead some reviews mentioning suing the business.


While the Cheaters Spy Shop is no longer available for ordering any orders, we miss the shop's unique products. These products promised to make it easier for suspicious individuals to confront their partners and gave us a glimpse of some of the most hi-tech surveillance products online.

Products from Cheaters Spy Shop range from motion-activated covert cameras that can record any movement and activity in high quality to real-time GPS trackers that update every 10 seconds.

The iPhone recovery stick can retrieve anything currently stored on the device, even some erased data. The Cheaters Spy Shop also sold Android and Blackberry mobile software that can create a 30-minute report on all data, such as high-resolution pictures, texts, logs, GPS position, and browser history. Despite its poor service, buyers remember Cheaters Spy Shop as the premier destination for all spy goods products.

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The shop showcased equipment for observing and documenting any activity, from nanny cams to body-worn cameras. Apart from using these hidden cameras to safeguard your property, the cameras also effectively record the activity of any hiding suspect.

For example, a nanny cam could do more than conventional home security-oriented cameras. A nanny cam could help a wife catch her guy cheating with the nanny, thanks to its real-time streaming. Some nanny cams also come with pan-and-tilt functions and the ability to store videos on a smartphone or tablet.

In addition, the WIFI security camera comes with HD-quality live streaming capabilities. With night vision, motion detection, and sufficient cloud storage, these cameras give the perfect external solution for keeping an eye on your home or business while away.

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When there is a need to get visual proof of a specific type of activity, secretly, body cameras are the best tools. These cameras are engineered to record video and sound without letting anyone know.

From portable micro-body to police body cameras, these come in all designs and shapes. Buyers loved all the body camera devices available on the Cheater Spy Shop. Unfortunately, the shop failed to deliver any worthwhile products to its customers. Body cameras in the shop were perfect for covert missions like witness testimony, investigation cases, and catching a suspect.

Some of the most popular types of body cameras on the Cheater Spy Shop included:

  • Spy camera glasses
  • Spy pen cameras
  • Button Cameras
  • Spy camera watches
  • Key Chain DVRs
  • Portable Pocket DVR

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Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder Voice Activated

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