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The WIFI Micro USB Charger Security Camera.Captures high-definition 1080P video.
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WIFI Micro USB Charger Security Camera Reviews
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WIFI 1080P Pan Tilt Surveillance CameraStore over 100 hours of 1080P video to a 128GB SD card.
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WIFI 1080P Pan Tilt Surveillance Camera Reviews
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The 1080P Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera.This weatherproof security camera is perfect for outdoor surveillance.
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1080P Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera Reviews
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Weatherproof WIFI Mini Surveillance Camera.Store up to 500 hours of high-definition 1080P video and audio with a 256GB SD card.
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Weatherproof WIFI Mini Surveillance Camera Reviews
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The ultimate security camera for your home or business.Built-in magnetic chuck allows for easy camera adjustment.
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Smart Security Camera Reviews
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Download your recorded footage to your smart devices or your Mac or Windows computer.Built-in infrared allows this surveillance camera to see up to 20 feet in complete darkness.
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WIFI Security Camera with Rotatable Lens Reviews
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The ultimate DIY Security Camera Kit.WIFI enabled. Easy set up using peer-to-peer technology.
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WIFI DIY Security Camera Kit Reviews
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DIY 1080P WIFI Nanny Camera Kit.The included camera covers a 90-degree field of view.
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WIFI DIY 1080P Security Camera Reviews
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Zetta max surveillance cam. Great for cars, homes and businesses.Vibration record mode: Get up to 90 days of standby battery with no vibration detected.
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Zetta Max Swivel Security Camera Rotatable 180° Lens Reviews
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ZMax Security Cam with infrared. Great for your home or business.PIR triggered recording: Select this to record only when body heat is present.
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Zetta Max IR Surveillance Camera 160° Field of View Reviews
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ZMax 86 Micro Stick Security Camera.Put it anywhere. Setup is effortless.

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Within the surveillance camera industry, a battle has always raged between those who prefer the direct connection of hard-wired camera installations vs. those who enjoy the benefits of battery-powered, wireless security cameras. There are so many features to consider for each route that it can be challenging to navigate all the information on your own. Your preferred option may also have something to do with your intended uses and situation. If you need a large-scale commercial setup, you may not favor the same cameras as someone who wants on-the-fly recording in the palm of their hand.

More recently, across the board, wireless surveillance cameras have taken center stage with advances in battery life and storage capacities that allow them to break loose from the old style of wiring connections back to a central hub. This security camera buyers' guide will cover the advances that have made security cameras smaller and more discreet.

Hard-wired Security Systems: Discrete was something quite difficult for a hardwired spy camera system to achieve. Typically, they were bulky affairs. Even a tiny security camera would have long cable runs that led back to recording hubs, acting as eyes for a brain. The central digital video recorders often connected to the internet for video streaming, yet this was also a cabled connection. These linkups required hours and possibly teams of people for installations. Still, storage capacity and clarity were much higher for a long time than anything battery-powered or SD card-based.

Additionally, there's added security to having a hardwired camera. If someone were intent on hacking your home security system, they would have to attach to a hardwired camera physically. In contrast, wireless cameras are more susceptible to attack because they transmit using WIFI or Bluetooth.

Wireless cameras get the edge in their mobility, storage, and battery security. A wireless system can be quickly reconfigured for expanded security of a new home. It's also easy to integrate wireless systems with other smart home technologies, and there are no wires on your mini wireless camera for burglars to cut. Also, the ability to lean on a battery when there is a power outage is a huge advantage over a traditional wired system, even with a battery backup, which may be lucky to last 30 minutes. In contrast, battery-operated devices can last for several hours.

Night Vision Hidden Cameras: Crime happens under the cover of darkness. With our wide selection of night vision-equipped hidden cameras, we can provide video recording for every night situation. Infrared night vision will record images with a night vision distance of 10 to 15 feet. We also offer a few mini security camera options with audio recording to create a robust home security camera.

As stated above, most cameras use infrared light in the form of small, red LED lights in a circle around the camera lens, which emit infrared light across the camera's field of view. The camera records the light that bounces back, eliminating the need for a bright flash to capture images.

Any footage captured with a night-vision-enabled mini spy camera will be black and white. It's not possible to capture true-color footage since color depends on the wavelength of light an object is exposed to.

Memory Card-Based Spy Camera: Storage capacities were always a hurdle when high-definition surveillance cameras first emerged (especially with mini cameras). Still, newer, high-class SD memory cards allowed very sharp resolutions to be captured and reproduced with great clarity when reviewed. Up to 156 hours of 1080P HD video can be stored from our ZMax 86 Microstick Camera onto a 256GB SD card. 

Wireless surveillance cameras are typically designed with SD card use in mind, even if they offer cloud storage. Often, a wireless signal may need to be more robust to upload a high-resolution video effectively. In these cases, a micro SD card may store the sharper images until you can get your mini camera out and download the footage from the SD card.

Mini Security Cameras: Security cameras like our Zetta Max Surveillance Camera line are designed for creative placements. They come with enough rechargeable battery life for short, targeted investigations or long-term solutions to cover areas where no one should be trespassing.

The motion sensor feature can keep some devices on standby for many days, with up to 30 days in standby achievable with the 1080P ZMax mini security camera. Passive infrared technology enables the Zetta Max IR Surveillance Camera with a 160° Field of View to go for nearly 180 days because it only triggers a recording when body heat is detected.

Artificial intelligence within the aptly named Smart Security Camera can detect differences between vehicles, people, cats, and dogs to alleviate unnecessary motion detection alerts. Coupled with the massive battery pack inside, this AI security camera can keep the wireless surveillance camera on standby for nearly 2 to 3 months! 

WIFI Security Cameras: Wireless cameras have come a long way in the past 20 years. It's easier than ever to purchase a WIFI-enabled security camera and set it up in minutes using peer-to-peer technology! These WIFI security cameras are perfect for homes, businesses, apartments, etc.

Products like our Mini WIFI Security Camera with Rotatable Lens allow you to place them just about anywhere, allowing you to log in and see live what is happening, bringing great peace of mind when you are out of town for work or just on vacation.

Check out our Smart Security Camera if you require an easy-to-set-up exterior security camera. This external surveillance camera has a handy magnetic mount, a 2-3 month battery life, and accurate artificial intelligence that can tell the difference between vehicles, people, cats, and dogs to alleviate unnecessary motion detection alerts. Using the free app, videos can be watched through your Android or Apple smart devices. This camera can store videos in the cloud for a minimal fee or directly to an SD card that can be downloaded to your smart device or a Windows or Mac computer.

Wireless Security Camera Setup: One of the primary reasons wireless security cameras are in style is how easy they are to install. Depending on the kind of camera you have, you may have to mount it to a wall or ceiling (which will likely require a drill), but that's the most complicated thing you'll have to take care of. Plug a wireless camera in for 24/7 monitoring, connect it to your WIFI, and settle in.

The Smart Security Camera is an excellent example of a camera that will need mounting but is still incredibly easy to install. It has a magnetic bracket that only requires two screws to be held in place. The rounded base allows the camera to be quickly snapped in place and then rotated smoothly to get the required view with the most minor trouble or disruption to the feed.

On top of being easy to install, wireless security cameras are also straightforward to use. You can view live or recorded footage from your smartphone or tablet through the app, where you can scroll through dated moments based on whatever kind of recording you have set (motion detection, constant video, etc...). You'll also control the camera setup, such as motion alerts time and date stamping from that same app.

Hiding a Small Security Camera: It stands to reason that the smaller the camera, the easier it is to hide. That said, sometimes you don't have time to hide a camera very well. You may be in a hurry; all you can do is place it out of the way. If that's your situation, you'll want the WIFI Security Camera with a Rotatable Lens. As the name implies, this security camera has a rotatable lens that rotates up to 180 degrees. It will have your back no matter what situation you find yourself in.

If you need a mobile camera meant for more than stationary home defense, the ZMax 86 MicroStick Camera is for you. It's tiny, very portable, and very discrete. Sometimes, we need a quick recording option that isn't going to catch anyone's eye. This microstick records video and audio in high definition. With the 9-hour battery, you can take it to work, set it on your desk among your papers and pens, and not look at it again until you're headed home.

Inside your house, try setting your camera in or around everyday items such as a houseplant, picture frame, tissue box, air freshener, bookcase, flower vase, lampshade, and so on. The more common the item, the less likely it is to be noticed.

On top of things is another way to get the camera above notice, if you will. Place the camera on top of a bookshelf or kitchen cabinet to get a wide angle on the room.

Cloud Storage Security: One of the most frequent questions about wireless security cameras is, "What if someone takes the camera?" Cloud storage, held off-site and away from the camera to keep the information safe, has been integrated with devices like our Smart Security Camera for added insurance. This wireless surveillance camera requires a WIFI connection for setting up and uploading video to the cloud.

If you're wondering how it works, look no further. With cloud storage, the video footage is held in remote servers and accessible to you from almost anywhere with an internet connection through the application. Unlike CCTV systems of old, cloud surveillance cameras don't require you to be an expert in port forwarding or setting up a firewall, as this is all handled on the server end where the video is being stored.

Whether your situation requires a cloud storage option from a WIFI wireless surveillance camera or if you need a memory card-based unit, our collection of security cameras will have what you need.