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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
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Download your recorded footage to your smart devices or your Mac or Windows computer.Built-in infrared allows this surveillance camera to see up to 20 feet in complete darkness.
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WIFI Security Camera with Rotatable Lens Reviews
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ZMax 86 Micro Stick Security Camera.Put it anywhere. Setup is effortless.
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Zetta max surveillance cam. Great for cars, homes and businesses.Vibration record mode: Get up to 90 days of standby battery with no vibration detected.
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Zetta Max Swivel Security Camera Rotatable 180° Lens Reviews
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ZMax Security Cam with infrared. Great for your home or business.PIR triggered recording: Select this to record only when body heat is present.
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Zetta Max IR Surveillance Camera 160° Field of View Reviews
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Unlike any nanny camera style on the market today, our line of Zetta max security cameras are small, portable, and can be placed virtually anywhere at home or work. Their small, black box design makes them ideal for creative placement to capture the angle of view you need. Bookshelves are great vantage points to overview a room, but something wide-angled and set back into a corner could still capture the face of someone walking into a cubicle to take your favorite red stapler. Slid under a stack of papers or watching from the top of the refrigerator, let these cameras be your go-to security solution. The best part is that these miniature covert cameras come with a plethora of features. A settings program, available for Windows and Mac computers, enables multiple options for customization. Each mini security camera offers audio recording with date and time-stamped files to better assist in gathering evidence. Micro SD cards are required for each of these cameras to record video and audio. Inside are rechargeable 3.7v li-ion batteries that allow for up to 8-12 hours of recording, depending on the model, or you can leave them plugged in for continuous recording. Using a USB cable, download your stored video content from your Micro SD card to a PC or Mac OS X quickly and conveniently without using any proprietary software to playback your files.

Recording Camera Modes And Features: One of the best features of the Zetta Max family of intelligent security cameras is that they come with multiple recording modes, suitable for different security applications. These cameras connect with computers and free software to customize internal settings for your particular needs. Three of our Zetta cameras have set-it-and-forget-it features with mode switches to change from continuous or motion-activated recording modes. One more option on that switch is to enable the settings created from within the customization program. Two other Zetta Max cameras are set up entirely via their settings software, but these models also have 1080P video capabilities! Features available to the units make recordings suitable for applications in legal cases and court settings. For instance, with the date and time stamping, you're able to track specific details about when you recorded your video, making the video evidence invaluable for the situations mentioned above. You can also turn on or off the audio recording feature to avoid legal issues with surreptitious recording laws, schedule recordings to only capture footage when necessary, or adjust the resolution and save on memory space. 

Battery Life: When it comes to security and peace of mind, one of the first questions we have to answer about security cameras is about battery life. After all, nobody wants a security camera with a short battery life, where they need to constantly check their device to make sure that it's still recording. You may not always be able to find the perfect spot for a camera that would allow you to get the angle you want and plug it into a power source at the same time. Fortunately, the Zetta mini security cameras come complete with built-in lithium-ion batteries. These devices will provide you with 8 to 12 hours of non-stop video recording on a fully charged battery, which can also be helpful for battery backups during electrical brown-outs. 

Micro SD Card - Click Here: The family of Zetta Max camera records at various video qualities and feature no-gap video technology. The software program has settings to enable videos to be saved in 10, 15, or 20-minute segments at different picture resolutions. These cameras accept SD cards from 8GB up to 128GB, but any card able to hold above 32GB will need special formatting from within the software program, an easy process only requiring a few more clicks. 

Indoor Security Camera: Whether you need continuous recording or motion-activated recording, using a Zetta Max camera in conjunction with the Zetta widget is the perfect way to set your home or office up with a hidden camera. Rated for indoor use only, you can still point these cameras out the window during the day or with adequate street lighting to see porch thieves walking up to your door to steal packages or catch when people don't pick up after their dogs. With a wide range of features, such as voice trigger, low-light recording, and time-date stamp, and a handful of different pre-set recording modes, the family of Zetta Max cameras is the ultimate weapon again theft and vandalism.

Zetta Max IR Surveillance Camera 160° Field of View - Click Here: Imagine having a trailer that you keep at a storage facility but not trusting the management. You need to leave them your keys so they can move around inventory. To ensure your valuables are safe inside, you could utilize this camera's passive infrared motion sensor to only trigger recordings when a warm body moves into the frame. With this awesome tech, the camera can be in a low-power standby state for up to 180 days!

Zetta Max Swivel Security Camera Rotatable 180° Lens - Click Here: If you're having trouble with someone entering your office space while you're away, the ZMax Swivel can easily show you what's been going on. Use it with the Scosche MagicMount Surface 2 to mount the camera up under the desk and then angle the rotating camera lens to see who's coming and going.

ZMax 86 MicroStick Camera - Click Here: When you get a rental property or a vacation home, security is not always among the first necessities of which you're thinking, and electrical power may not even be an option at that point. For up to 25 days in motion detection, you can set the ZMax 86 to watch over the area for any break-ins while you're away. It has a secondary camera that is used solely for detecting motion, enabling the rest of the device to sleep on standby until something happens.

1080P ZMax MicroCam - Click Here: Like the ZMax 86, the microcam has, you guessed it, 1080P video recording capabilities! Another secondary camera is installed in this model to extend the motion detection standby time up to 30 days! This version has a wide-angle lens so that you can get more of the room in just as sharp of detail! Wide-ranged cameras have more placement options. Wide-angle cameras can capture more of a room from the middle of a wall, rather than needing to be in a corner to see the same amount of space with a smaller field of view.

Mini WIFI Security Camera with Rotatable Lens - Click Here: This WIFI-enabled security camera allows you to remote view live into it with an Android or Apple smart device. This tiny camera has a rotatable 180-degree lens like its big brother, the Zetta max swivel. It also has 4 infrared nods that allow this camera to see up to 20 feet in complete darkness and the built-in camera has a 120-degree field of view. This little camera can be left plugged in for 24/7 surveillance and can last for up to 5 hours should the power go out due to the built-in rechargeable battery. This device supports up to a 128GB micro SD card which will store up to 45 hours of high-definition 720P video. Videos can be time and date stamped for record-keeping and downloaded directly to a Windows or Mac and even your phone or tablet!

Home security or office security doesn't need to be an overly expensive to-do; it can be as simple as installing one or two of these small security cameras within your living, bedroom, or office to protect your valuables and yourself with video evidence. Options for various applications of long-term surveillance or targeted investigations with shorter time-frames are available when using any of these intelligent security cameras. Useful in many situations, let the family of Zetta cameras protect yourself and your assets while you're away.