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This kit allows for you to perform five to six tests in less than 5 minutes each.CheckMate is a do it yourself infidelity kit.
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CheckMate Semen Detection Kit Reviews
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Nobody ever said that being a professional private investigator was going to be a glorious job! However, testing for semen is a critical part of the P.I.'s job. So whether you're worried about an unfaithful wife or a younger teen that's been up to no good, there are many tests out there you might consider using. However, with our at-home Checkmate Infidelity Test kit, you'll get accurate and practically instant results! This is a genuine evidence test, just like the ones used by professional investigators and law enforcement. With this test, you'll be able to identify a positive result in seconds, which will turn purple to indicate the detection of semen or seminal fluid. (Note that this test cannot be used to test for sperm count, motility, or semen fertility.) It is a low-cost home sperm test kit that you can use practically anywhere and anytime!

At-Home Semen Test Kit: SpyCentre Security's CheckMate infidelity test kit is used to test for bodily fluids released during sexual intercourse. This is a great item to help you determine if your spouse has been cheating, whether or not your teenagers have underage sex, or identify sexual abuse cases. Inside, the kit contains enough solutions for a few tests to be performed. It's easy to use and will provide you with near-instantaneous results if semen is detected on practically any surface. Use a black light to help find soiled surfaces, mix the solution with distilled water, and use a cotton swab to dab the underclothes or bed sheets. Then wait a few minutes for the solution to set and give you a reading as to whether or not it has detected any seminal fluids.

Semen Test Kit FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions: If you feel your spouse or teenagers are up to no good, this is a great tool to help you determine if they are mischievous when not in your presence. But, first, let's review a few frequently asked questions we hear from our customers.

Will Blood Create a False Positive: No, blood will no create a false positive. A sperm test kit looks for acid phosphatase, which is found in seminal fluid. So whether or not there's any blood present, if this acid is detected, the test will show a positive result.

Will it Detect Semen Over a Week Old? Yes, if there is a sufficient quantity of semen, even after a significant amount of time has elapsed, these tests will still be able to detect a positive reading. Again, these tests look at acid phosphatase, a chemical that will remain present on surfaces, such as soiled linen, until it is washed.

Will it Detect Semen on Washed Clothes? No, once a garment, linen, or surface has been washed, these tests will no longer be able to detect sperm or seminal fluid. Once a garment is passed through the washing machine, any traces of acid phosphatase will be washed away, making them undetectable by ours or any other similar test kits.

Can I Use an LED UV Light to Locate Semen Stains? Yes, you can use an LED ultraviolet light, also known as black light, to detect traces of semen. But a black light will also reflect traces of other bodily fluids, such as sweat, saliva, mucus, etc. Therefore, we recommend using a black light to detect potential semen stains and then using our at-home test kit to determine whether or not the stain is from semen.

Does it Test Motility or Sperm Count? No, our test kits are not designed to test for motility or fertility. Although they can test whether or not the seminal fluid is present, they can not identify sperm count or how active sperm is. If you're seeking help with sperm count or fertility, we recommend contacting a physician, fertility specialist, or related health care clinic.

Does the Test Leave a Trace? No, our test kits do not leave any trace, which means that you can test for semen or related fluid without anybody else knowing. So whether you're concerned about your marriage or someone else's health or well-being, you can test for accurate semen detection results on solid surfaces, soiled linen, panties, bed sheets, clothing, and more, all without leaving any trace whatsoever.

At Home Semen Test Kit - Accurate Infidelity Test: Our tests are shipped to anywhere in the United States both quickly and discretely. So whether you need to test for an unfaithful spouse, a naughty teen or you have concerns about sexual abuse, this semen detection kit is easy-to-use, quick and reliable, and guaranteed to provide accurate results in a matter of seconds! Want to learn more about our at-home tests? Check out our helpful customers' reviews, read our product descriptions and information, get in touch with us if needed, and test for accurate results today!