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Spy Voice Recorders

Audio Surveillance Buyer's Guide
Our fashionable spy voice recorders come in a plethora of different models for any occasion. Try our USB flash drive that can work for up to 25 days while in standby mode or use one of our cleverly disguised audio recorder pens that really write, how about a watch or wrist band that you can wear to any event? We even have pocket key chain recorders that you can hang from your car keys, purse or backpack.
Our vast line of covert recording devices have built in rechargeable batteries that allow you to quickly charge these devices through a computer or any powered USB port that you use to charge your smartphone with. Battery life for these devices vary from 10 hours to an astonishing 336 hours of continuous use or try one of our voice activate models that offer 25 days of standby battery life or if your in need of of an item that can last even longer our USB power bank voice recorder can last up to 150 days off a full charge!
These tiny micro recording devices are simple to use and do not require any special software to listen to your recorded files. Simply plug the device directly into your computer and listen to your files through VLC media player, Windows media player or iTunes.