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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
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The World's Smallest Micro Voice Recorder is no bigger than a small paper clip!Clear recording sound with embedded amplified microphone & one button voice recording.
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World's Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage Reviews
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The sleekest thumb drive voice recorder on the market.Simple one touch recording or continuous recording with a flick of a switch.
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Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder Voice Activated Reviews
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Record continuously or set this device up for voice activation.One touch recording mode makes this unit a must have.
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USB Power Bank Audio Recorder with 150 Day Standby Reviews
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The Magnetic Mini Voice Recorder.Lightweight and small. The built-in magnet allows for deployment on any metal surface.
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Magnetic Mini Voice Recorder Reviews
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The World's Thinnest Micro Voice Recorder.Voice recordings can be time and date stamped for easy orginization.
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World's Thinnest Micro Voice Recorder Voice Activated Reviews
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Great to record audio secretly at home or work.Twist the clockwise to activate the device.
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Voice Recorder Spy Pen with 31 Hour Battery Reviews
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Take this device to work or use at home to secretly record what is being said.One touch voice recording, Store up to 71 hours of audio recordings. Unit has a 16 hour battery life
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Voice Activated Sleek Audio Recorder Pen with 16 Hour Battery Reviews
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Just as small as a paper clip.Simple to use, one touch recording.
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Mini Micro Stick Voice Activated Recorder Reviews
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A discreet recording device that's simple and easy to operate.Simple on/off operation. Can pick up audio from 40 feet away in optimal conditions.
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8GB flash memory holds up to 90 hours of audio recordings.Simple on/off switch for recording, adjustable band.
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Mini Wrist Band Voice Activated Recorder Reviews
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Digital Voice Recorder Watch.Simple one touch on and off recording.
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Digital Voice Recorder Watch Reviews
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Three simple buttons, lock, alarm and unlock allow for you to record, stop recording & take photos.Back slides off to reveal a hidden USB input to download and charge your device.
All in one on the go cable for Android smartphones.Dual Micro USB or USB-C.
Sale price$19.99
Dual Android OTG Cable Reviews
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Mounts securely to metal services.Bendable magnet that is double sided for quick deployment.
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SCOSCHE MagicMount Surface 2 Reviews
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Our high-quality spy voice recorders come in many different models for any occasion. Try our USB flash drive that can work for up to 25 days while in standby mode, or use one of our cleverly disguised audio recorder pens that write, or how about a watch or wristband that you can wear to an event?

 We even have pocket key chain audio spy recorders you can hang from your car keys, purse, or backpack. Each product in our vast line of covert recording devices has built-in rechargeable batteries that allow you to charge these devices quickly through a computer or any powered USB port with which you set your smartphone.

 As digital voice recorders, these devices collect high-fidelity sound from about 30 feet away (depending on the device). Battery life for these devices varies from 10 hours to an astonishing 336 hours of continuous use, or try one of our voice-activated models that offer 25 days of standby battery life. If you require an item that can last even longer, our USB power bank digital voice recorder can last up to 150 days off a full charge!

 These tiny micro recording devices are simple to use and do not require any special software to listen to your recorded files. Plug the device directly into your computer and listen to your files through VLC media player, Windows media player, or iTunes.

World's Smallest Digital Voice Recorders - Click Here: The size of a paperclip, this little recorder has been a long-standing tool for our private investigator clients. Its sensitive microphone gives it a 40-foot range, and the 10-hour battery life makes it one of our most versatile spy gadgets. It records in a digital format compatible with Mac and Windows and has been the go-to as a discrete digital recorder with excellent audio quality for many years.

This micro spy voice recorder is so easy to switch on and off; you can listen to the recorded audio directly from the device with headphones! It has a one-button recording feature and no flashing lights to indicate when the recording begins and ends. As far as audio recording devices go, you won't get much better than this in terms of compactness.

Mini Micro Stick Voice Activated Recorder - Click Here: Similar to our long-selling "World's Smallest" recorder, this mini voice recorder brings some new features. With most of our recorders, you have to plug them into your computer to start, stop, and skip the playback. This unique design offers digital voice recording with in-the-field playback with included headphones. Its small size makes it easily hidden for full-room monitoring, and the voice activation feature means that it can wait in silence for hours to begin recording.

Most voice recording devices are challenging to manage when listening to recorded content. With this voice recorder, however, confusion is no more. The onboard display allows you to individually check files, listen easily, fast-forward, rewind, and even delete things directly from the device using the joystick and LCD.

This device can utilize external microphones with a 3.5mm audio jack, the microphone sensitivity can increase or decrease, the loop-back feature allows you to listen to a file many times, and you can increase or decrease the playback speed! This device has enough features to make recording voice and audio in every setting easy and efficient.

USB Power Bank Audio Recording Device - Click Here: The USB recorder has a big following. This takes on a new identity and offers even more discretion by being disguised as a power bank. Lend it to a friend or carry it in your backpack with a 150-day standby battery for instant recording capabilities. Plus, you can charge all of your USB devices off of it!

This spy audio recorder is next level with a 2-week continuous recording period. It can be put into a voice-activated mode, where it can sit for five months, if necessary. You can set this device on a bookshelf in your home and never draw attention to it by messing with it or having to talk about it. Just set it down, walk away, and revisit it when you're ready or have time.

It's also tiny. It measures under 3.7 inches long, which is quite a bit smaller than a lot of the power banks in today's market. It comes with a magnetic mount, so you can easily place it on metal surfaces. The mount makes it easy to hide quickly, and the size keeps it unnoticed. You can time and date stamp your recordings and then download them with any Windows or Mac computer. It's truly a breeze to use.

USB Flash Drive Secret Audio Recorder - Click Here: The flash drive recorder is famous for mimicking the ever-present flash drive. It can be used either plugged into a computer or as a stand-alone voice recorder. With voice-activated recording features, you can have days of endless monitoring, thanks to the integrated standby features.

You can probably already see why this is our top-selling flash drive recorder, and it just got better. It can sit around in standby mode for 25 days, activating at the sound of a voice. If you need something more foolproof, you can set the audio recorder to 24-hour continuous recording and let it be. It's the most potent and feature-abounding thumb drive sound recorder you've ever seen!

On top of being a fully functional thumb drive that can store files for you, the 8GB memory can store up to 288 hours of HQ audio or 144 hours of XHQ audio. Additionally, you can leave the recorder plugged into your computer for unlimited battery life!

To play back your audio, you must plug in the device to your computer via a USB port. From there, you can view, listen, save, or delete your audio files without any unique or complicated software.

Spy Recorder Pen - Click Here: This 8GB voice-activated recorder is cleverly disguised as a writing utensil. Enjoy 31 hours of battery life, twice that of the mini micro! Perfect for protecting yourself with confrontational interactions or needing an on-the-go digital audio recorder for meetings. It's so simple to use that anyone can do it without training. Just twist the top to slip it into recording mode discreetly.

You can either go for the 31 hours of continuous recording or switch to standby mode, which will get you 30 days of battery life. The 8GB memory can store 288 hours of crystal-clear audio recordings. The pen is sleek stylish, and has two refillable ink cartridges. You can use this pen anywhere without any indicator lights to give you away. It blends easily into the office, classroom, or even sitting in a pocket. It will time and date stamp recordings if you choose and be fully charged and ready to go within two hours.

Key Chain Voice Recorder - Click Here: The Keychain voice recorders are one of our most popular listening devices, thanks to their ability to be hidden in plain sight. And, if they are accidentally left behind, your friends will likely be anxious to get them back to you!

You never have to be without your audio recorder again. This device is law-enforcement-grade, and it's incredibly covert. You can set it to record when activated by voice, and the key chain will last up to 50 hours while in this standby mode! Either that or continuously record for 10 hours, giving you plenty of time to get home and recharge. Your storage can hold all that and so much more.

The cool thing about voice-activation mode is that you can be assured your device will keep monitoring even if you're not in the room. Fifty hours will give your friends plenty of time to return the device to you, and then you can sift through all the files gathered during that time. This recorder is an excellent gift for anyone wanting to join the wonderful world of spy gear because it's affordable and durable.

Spy Watch Recorder - Click Here: You may have seen our spy camera watch, but this one is perfect for recording in-person conversations. Journalists love the ease, discretion, and reliability of a watch that can capture interviews without making the subjects overly conscious of large recording equipment. It's also popular among students who want to record school lectures or for parents to send with their children to catch bullies in the act.

This trendy recorder matches the fitness band's body style that compliments any outfit. While others praise your accessory, you can pick up audio from roughly 40 feet away! It's easy to use without drawing attention to the device. Press the power button on the left side to turn the unit on.

Bluetooth Cell Phone Voice Recorder - Click Here: While recording conversations in a room is something we have extensive experience in (and offer multiple spy audio recorders for covert recording in any environment), we also provide smartphone spying equipment. Our external recorder connects to your phone via Bluetooth, enabling immediate and straightforward capturing of essential phone calls.

The Bluetooth recording feature eliminates the hassle of other cumbersome devices that require more hands than you've got. You must always take advantage of the opportunity to record an important call. Once again, you're looking at a built-in 8GB flash drive that will easily store 144 hours of XHQ audio, 288 hours in HQ, and 576 hours in SP mode. The device, on its own, can record for up to 20 hours during face-to-face conversations, and when you use it with your phone, it will record for up to 9 hours.

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