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WiFi Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cameras Buyers Guide

Here you will find the latest in remote covert camera technology. These discreet cameras are disguised as every day devices and capture high definition video in secret. View what is occurring in real time on your smartphone from your home or business. Many of these nanny cameras also have SD cards slots which can store video for later viewing.

WiFi Hidden Spy Cameras are brilliant devices disguised as every day objects ranging from weather stations, clock radios, smoke detectors, Android and iPhone docking stations and much much more. Each item can be plugged in for continuous use and every device is date and time stamped to help in gathering evidence.

Many of our devices offer Infrared (IR) capability. Using low-frequency light (unseen by humans), these products are able to capture footage in low-light and no-light conditions.

Set these wireless wifi spy cams up to record on motion or continuously. They connect to the local internet access and can be viewed remotely via an app you download on your phone.

One of the key features that many of our cameras offer is motion activation. This feature extends the battery life and the amount of space available on the memory card so that you can capture the footage that matters most.

Granted, even a 32GB card (smaller card) can hold hours of footage. This feature merely expands that capacity by recording only the significant events. All of our cameras also date- and time-stamp the image to make it easy to scroll to a specific event. This feature comes in handy when correlating an event across multiple devices.

In our cameras accessories section we have more microsd cards available. You might add a few to your order so you have additional storage, if you think that you will collecting a large amount of wifi streaming footage.

Another benefit of this feature is that it helps reduce the amount of footage you have to wade through, later. By focusing on the events where movement occurs, it can save you hours of time then when you review that footage and lets you focus on those critical moments.

You have a few different ways you can view your video: You can simply remove the TF card and download it to the computer or you can playback video on your smart phone.

The clock radio hidden camera, alarm clock hidden cams, light hidden camera and charger hidden cameras are some of the most popular. These blend inconspicuously into your daily living, and are the perfect way to monitor an area. The key thing is to buy the camera that will blend in the best to it's environment. That is one reason why the phone chargers work so well for surreptiously monitoring a room -- no one suspects the phone adapter hidden camera!

The Bluetooth speakers hidden camera work well for those who want to bring the party along with the surveillance.

Sometimes there is a trade-off between the size of the camera and the quality of the hidden video you can capture. We mostly offer HD 1080p and 720p HD options. For many of our products we provide a video, demonstrating the quality of image you can expect to capture.

If you need to monitor a large area, you might need to purchase two or three different ones to make sure you have full coverage. Alternatively, you might see if our wide angle, black box hidden camera can be disguised somewhere in the room.

Wireless IP cameras are great for keeping an eye on your valuables at home if you have roommates, trying to catch a thief at work or perhaps your parents are in nursing home and you want to ensure they are being treated correctly, whatever the case may be these spy cameras with Wifi are the perfect solution for keeping you and your own protected.

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