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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
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Download your recorded footage to your smart devices or your Mac or Windows computer.Built-in infrared allows this surveillance camera to see up to 20 feet in complete darkness.
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WIFI Security Camera with Rotatable Lens Reviews
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WIFI Air Purifier Security Camera is the ultimate in home and business security.A 256GB SD card can store 200 hours of video.
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WIFI Air Purifier Security Camera Reviews
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WIFI 1080P Mini Clock Camera with IR.See live from anywhere and anytime!
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WIFI 1080P Mini Clock Camera Reviews
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The WIFI Micro USB Charger Security Camera.Captures high-definition 1080P video.
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WIFI Micro USB Charger Security Camera Reviews
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A functional Bluetooth speaker. Play your favorite music while protecting your home or business.A 64GB Micro SD card stores up to 34 hours of 1080P video.
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Bluetooth Speaker Security Camera Reviews
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Sleek and modern looking digital clock. Blends into homes or businesses seamlessly.WIFI Enabled Clock Camera with IR.
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Digital Clock Security Camera with IR Reviews
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DIY 1080P WIFI Nanny Camera Kit.The included camera covers a 90-degree field of view.
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WIFI DIY 1080P Security Camera Reviews
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The ultimate DIY Security Camera Kit.WIFI enabled. Easy set up using peer-to-peer technology.
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WIFI DIY Security Camera Kit Reviews
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Date and time stamped videos make it easy to pinpoint when an event occurred.Record video in high definition 720P
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WIFI USB Wall Charger Spy Camera with IR Reviews
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WIFI 1080P Pan Tilt Surveillance CameraStore over 100 hours of 1080P video to a 128GB SD card.
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WIFI 1080P Pan Tilt Surveillance Camera Reviews
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Weatherproof WIFI Mini Surveillance Camera.Store up to 500 hours of high-definition 1080P video and audio with a 256GB SD card.
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Weatherproof WIFI Mini Surveillance Camera Reviews
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The 1080P Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera.This weatherproof security camera is perfect for outdoor surveillance.
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1080P Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera Reviews
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The ultimate security camera for your home or business.Built-in magnetic chuck allows for easy camera adjustment.
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Smart Security Camera Reviews
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Here, you will find the latest in remote covert camera technology. WIFI connectivity allows you to view what is happening in another room while being away from the area. Using free applications, you connect the camera to your local WIFI network. This allows you to log in to the camera remotely from your smartphone to see the HD video. Each camera is disguised as an everyday device and captures high-definition video secretly. Blending in is everything. View what is occurring in real-time on your smartphone from your home or business.

These hidden cameras also have SD card slots that can store video for later viewing. Just because some of them count as mini hidden cameras doesn't mean their batteries and local storage capacities are lacking. You can expect a long battery life to suit your needs and storage that will keep you running. These work well as a discrete security camera for monitoring employees.

Our WIFI Hidden Camera is a brilliant concept. Cameras disguised as everyday objects ranging from weather stations, clock radios, wall chargers, DIY setups, and much, much more. Each item can be plugged in for continuous use, and every device is date and time-stamped to help gather evidence. Each security camera functions as a real object. The phone charger will charge your phone. The clock will tell time. This is precisely what makes our cameras the best-hidden cameras. Items that are supposed to work but don't draw attention to themselves but are perfectly functioning, everyday devices are as much above someone's notice as they are below it.

Now, telling you what a camera can and cannot/should and should not do isn't that helpful without some recommendations to follow it up. Luckily, we happen to have a list of cameras that will get the job done and protect you, your family, and your possessions so that you can sleep easy. Without further ado, here are the best WIFI spy cameras on the market:

Night-Time Spy Cameras - Click Here: Many of our devices offer Infrared capability. These products can capture footage in low-frequency light (unseen by humans) in low-light/no-light conditions.

Night vision makes cameras incredibly versatile. They adapt to every lighting so that you're always with coverage. We don't just recommend night vision for outdoor security cameras but also for your hidden security cameras that will be safely tucked indoors. You can have 24/7 surveillance in your home. This is important because many burglars feel safe under the cover of darkness, which makes them more likely to strike at night. If you're not prepared, you could miss out on having a video recording of your intruder.

There are different kinds of night vision. Let's take a look.

Low-Light Night Vision: Low-light night vision is called "image intensification." This is because it relies on a particular technology to deliver the colored enhanced vision in very low-light situations. These cameras cannot see in complete blackness. Some light must be present for the camera to get a picture.

Infrared (IR) Night Vision: Most security cameras utilize infrared. They're built with interior LEDS that provide night vision in low or no-light situations. These cameras, though incredibly useful, can be messed with by glass reflections at night, which can lead to a washed-out video feed due to overexposure to light at night.

Thermal Night Vision: Thermal night vision is a unique setup with a lens that allows IR energy to pass through. The focus light hits a sensor that scans all the incoming information and draws from thousands of points within the camera's field of vision. All in all, this creates a thermogram, which develops into and then transforms into electric impulses to be translated into a visual. 

It's complicated to read, but what you're seeing with a thermal night vision camera are clumps of heat. Set this wireless WIFI spy cam up to record in motion or continuously. They connect to the local WIFI network and can be viewed remotely via an app you download.

Motion Activation - Click Here: One of the key features that many of our hidden spy cameras offer is motion activation. This feature extends the amount of space available on the memory card so that you can capture the footage that matters most. Granted, even smaller sizes, like a 32GB card, can hold hours of footage. Each security camera also dates and time-stamps the image to make it easy to scroll to a specific event.

This feature comes in handy when correlating an event across multiple devices. You'll get instant notifications when anything changes. If you and your family are leaving the house empty for a vacation, a day, or even an hour, having your mini spy cameras to alert you if something is moving will benefit you greatly. You can review the footage and warn the necessary people. Sometimes, that's the police. Sometimes, that's a friend to clean up a fallen picture frame, but whatever the case, motion activation is a feature that should be noticed.

Another benefit of this feature is that it helps reduce the amount of footage you have to wade through later. Focusing on the events where movement occurs can save you hours when you review that footage and focus on those critical moments. You have a few different ways to view your video: you can remove the SD card and download it to the computer or playback video on your smartphone or tablet.

You're expending less energy when you use the motion detection feature on your surveillance cameras. So, not only are they protecting your home, they're saving your money and the environment. What a way to win on every front!

Choosing the proper motion-detecting camera can seem overwhelming with all the options, but consider what is suitable for your situation.

Range: What kind of area do you need your spy camera to cover? Is it going to be set up in your living room with a set picture you want to capture, or is it a portable hidden camera that will need to adjust and have several different ranges?

Activity Level: What kind of area are you surveying? Will it be pretty still, or will people and animals always be in and out? You don't want a million notifications sent to your phone because of every minor breeze.

No two situations are exactly alike, so make sure you've considered your setup from all angles and determine which features are most important and valuable to you.

Disguised Spy Cameras - Click Here: The clock radio spy camera, alarm clock hidden cams, wall charger spy cameras, and DIY units are among the most popular. These blend inconspicuously into your daily living and are the perfect way to monitor an area. The critical thing is to buy a spy camera that will blend into its environment. That is one reason the phone chargers work so well for surreptitiously monitoring a room -- no one suspects that the phone adapter is a spy camera! Sometimes, there is a trade-off between the spy camera's size and the video quality you can capture. We offer a variety of High-definition options. We provide a video for many of our products, demonstrating the image quality you can expect to capture.

Each 1080P security camera also offers a high frame per second for smoother playback. Generally, anything more than 15 FPS will work well. This high-definition video is suitable for court or personal use, depending on local laws. HD Video is available during daylight recording. The nighttime recording features use infrared. If you need to monitor a large area, purchase two or three cameras to ensure complete coverage.

The field of view for each security camera is listed on the individual specification section of the page for that camera. We've noticed that many manufacturers over-promise the field of vision and the night vision their camera offers. This is why we put our products through rigorous testing before we release them to ensure that the specifications on our website are exact. Motion detection is an incredible way to save memory on your SD Card.

The free application for each hidden spy camera allows you to choose motion detection as the mode. The camera will then wait to record until motion is near it. While we publish the manufacturer's motion detection and night vision ranges, our demonstration videos give you a better idea of our real-world experience with each camera.

Wireless cameras are great for keeping an eye on your valuables at home if you have roommates, are trying to catch a thief at work, or perhaps your parents are in a nursing home, and you want to ensure they are being treated correctly. Whatever the case, spy cameras with WIFI are the perfect solution for protecting you and your own. These cameras are often used to supplement a home security system.

While thieves may spot and target security cameras, these everyday objects will go unnoticed. Due to the mini camera size, we recommend setting it up a few weeks in advance. This lets you test each viewing angle, ensure good daylight, and check the SD card for recording quality. If you have any issues, our staff is always happy to hop on a call and help you troubleshoot your device.

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