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Functions as a normal voice recording unit, just turn it on and record face to face conversations.A comprehensive look at what each button does.
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There are so many situations in which a person might want to record a phone call. Sometimes, it's for training; other times, it's for security; and other times, it's for those important calls that need documentation. Whatever your reason, you'll undoubtedly want to check out this buyer's guide for the answers to all your questions.

Cellular Phone Recorder Compatibility: In this section, you will find our professional cell phone audio recorder that works with your favorite iPhone or Android smartphone. Cell phone recorders help a user record cell phone calls through their Bluetooth connection on their cell phone. The simple one-touch activation lets you conveniently record your phone calls even if you are caught off guard or in the middle of a conversation. Our cell phone audio recorder can also be used as a standard audio recorder for recording face-to-face discussions, giving you greater flexibility.

Data from our cell phone recorder can be played back right from the device or downloaded to your computer, and there is no need to worry about clunky software. To listen to high-quality audio recordings through a computer, simply playback your files through Windows Media Player, VLC, or iTunes. When dealing with a child custody case, divorce, or verbal abuse at home or work, these devices come in handy! They are also great for law enforcement, secret shoppers, remote workers, and business managers.

Bluetooth Cell Phone Voice Recorder: Never miss an important call, lecture, or business meeting again! Thanks to Bluetooth technology, voice recording has never been so simple. Check out the Voice and Bluetooth Call Recorder if you're looking for a great option that captures cell phone calls and in-person recording. Like Androids and Apple products, this device works with any Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone.

With the flip of a switch, you can also use this device to record in-person conversations like a standard voice recorder. Slip the 8GB Voice and Bluetooth Call Recorder into a pocket or set it on a table or shelf. With impressive audio capabilities beyond Bluetooth call recording, the voice recorder switch can set the device to pick up audio within 40 feet of the recorder.

With its thin, light design, this cell phone recorder also has a built-in USB flash drive end for charging. It doesn't require messy wires or cables, so that you can avoid those bulky, awkward recording devices of the past. Record calls, then plug the whole thing into a computer to quickly recharge and review your audio files.

Multi-Platform Support: Yes, many cell phone applications are available that can record phone calls. However, many of these apps play poorly with other applications. Popular services like Whatsapp, FaceTime, or Zoom may not be supported to record meetings, as a recording app would need to work on top of them. App limitations are bypassed when the audio is forced through this hand-held phone recording device via Bluetooth.

This cell phone recorder captures the audio of both sides of your conversation up to 576 hours at the lowest audio quality. The Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder has a separate function of recording the audio of your environment, with an optimal pickup radius of 40 feet. The battery life lasts up to 20 hours of standard recording of your surroundings or 9 hours using the Bluetooth call recording feature.

Accessing Your Recorded Cell Phone Calls: You can review audio files from recorded calls or general voice recorder files from the device with the built-in speaker. It's a great feature when providing audio evidence of an incident to law enforcement or human resources immediately.

To download your audio files or charge the battery, insert the USB into a desktop computer or laptop. Then, you can store the audio in Dropbox, your Google Drive, or directly to your computer memory. If you're looking for a slim, easy-to-use device capable of capturing essential phone calls, this ultimate recording device is the voice recorder for you! 

Audio Surveillance Buyers Guide: Click here

Audio surveillance may seem like a good idea, but you need to keep many other things in mind. The location of your call recording matters, as does the location of whoever your phone call was with. Here are some legal basics to research further before beginning audio surveillance with -- or without -- the other party's consent

Legislative Requirements: Laws for using a recording device to gather the audio of a conversation vary for each state in the US. State-level anti-eavesdropping audio laws fall within two categories: one-party consent and two-party consent. Before recording calls or in-person conversations, you should know what types of recordings are allowed in your area.

One-Party Consent: The one-party states provide guidelines that only one party must be aware that audio recordings have begun before an in-person conversation or a call is started. In these states, only you would need to know the cell phone recording is taking place. Nearly any conversation you have in these states can, legally, be recorded. Be careful when making audio recordings of outgoing or incoming calls from a state within the next category.

Two-Party Consent: The two-party consent states support cell phone voice recorders or in-person discussions only if both parties know about the voice recording. This can land you in trouble if the state you are in requires two-party consent, and it's why you hear an automated voice saying that calls may be recorded when speaking with businesses or agencies that work in multiple states.

Benefits of Call Recording with the Ultimate Recording Device
Identify Customer Service Problems: Communication issues are a common problem most businesses face while dealing with patrons. People are just people, and their stress levels from work or home can affect how they interact with your current and potential clients. The biggest problem is knowing exactly what an employee said to the customer or vice versa in a phone conversation. Everyone's story will differ, so how will you know what happened?

Recording a phone conversation is an easy way to identify problems, and it may be a necessary business expense if working in medical, legal, or customer service organizations. Many jobs require employees to have work cell phones for speaking with clients or reporting back to the home office. Essential details of verbal agreements, disagreements, or even customer service issues can be identified and later corrected simply by ensuring all cell phone calls are captured and held by cell phone recorders.

Keep Detailed Recordings: Maintaining records manually is a lot of work and needs a lot of management. However, with this audio recorder, you can use it as a general voice recorder to record meetings in person or via a Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone for when you or the team needs to call in. The handy date and time stamps make it easy to sort through recordings from phone calls to get to the proper phone conversation.

Meetings powered by remote work benefit significantly from being captured on a recording device, as not everyone may be giving their full attention at all times while on their cell phone. With so many people out of the office, it can take a lot of work to keep them on task. Proper management with a recording of cell phone calls and later review with employees will be growing aspects of all business manager jobs as the remote work trend continues.

Cell phone recording with our audio recording device makes it easier for business owners to maintain records from a company-owned Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone. If you're receiving these recorders in the office, the audio files can be played right from the device with the built-in speaker or loaded to any Windows or Mac computer. With remote workers, you may receive files through Dropbox or Google Drive instead.

Recover Missed Details: Often, professionals miss out on essential client instructions and details because of human error. Our minds travel, even in the middle of calls or meetings, so audio recordings of the event ensure all points are covered or, at least, can be reviewed later. In-person recording features let you record meetings and keep an accurate account of the minutes.

Call recording practices will help recover the details of any conversation, from your talk with this or that doctor, calls from lawyers, or when you didn't listen to your spouse as they rattled off the shopping list. If you require some quick playback to review what you missed right before heading into the store or when recounting a bad employee interaction with human resources, the built-in speaker and onboard controls let you listen to recordings directly from the unit and skip from recording to recording.

Less Hassle: The Bluetooth cell phone audio recorder is a stand-alone device, making recording calls from smartphones easier. Enter pairing mode simply by holding down the power button until the lights flash red and blue, then establish the Bluetooth connection with any of your smartphones through Bluetooth settings. When you receive any incoming calls, flick the switch on the side from the OFF position to MOBILE at any point during the conversation to begin recording through the handset. Call recording has never been easier!

We've spoken about the built-in speaker, but it must be stated that the only connections available with this voice recorder are the wireless Bluetooth capability and the USB flash drive plug-in. Many voice recorder devices that let you listen to recordings directly from the unit require extra headphones or even wired remotes to play back your audio while away from a computer, so this additional feature is incredible. 

Most voice recorders on the market do not have Bluetooth capability, so they may use external microphones that fit in your ear to capture the calls from your phone. Most audio recorders come with cables needed to plug the unit into a computer to recharge power, set up, or listen and review, but this unit's built-in USB connector makes all of that so much easier. No cables are needed for this device!

Headphone Jack: One drawback of this Bluetooth recorder for smartphones that the traditional voice recorder may have over it is the headphone jack. This device does not have one built-in. However, most headphone jacks are now becoming obsolete, with new styles needing special adapters. Voice recording doesn't need to be complicated, with many wires to keep track of.

How To Operate Your Phone Call Recorder: Now that we have discussed the basic features of the call recorder, let us talk about how you can operate it. Following are the steps you should keep in mind.

  • Start by turning on the Bluetooth with your Android or Apple device
  • Press the middle call button on the voice recorder device for 3-5 seconds to enter pairing mode. Users will see a blue and red light flash on the device
  • Access the Bluetooth menu on your device and pair it with "BR-20," the name of the product
  • Choose VOICE, OFF, or MOBILE by clicking the slide switch on the side of the voice recorder
  • This will allow the device to record any mobile calls you make after turning it on
  • When answering a call, click the slide switch to MOBILE. Hold the speaker of the voice recorder to your ear to listen to the other side talk
  • Finally, press the silver button on the device to turn it off