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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
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8GB memory can store up to 1,040 hours.Protect your recordings with a unique password.
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16 reviews 8GB Pro Voice Recorder 31 Day Standby Battery Reviews
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Functions as a normal voice recording unit, just turn it on and record face to face conversations.A comprehensive look at what each button does.
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29 reviews Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder Stores 144 Hours Reviews
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In this section, you will find our professional cell phone audio recorders that work with your favorite iPhone or Android smartphones. Record telephone calls through your Bluetooth connection on your cell phone or use our professional series digital voice recorder to record your landline calls or mobile phone calls. Each unit can be downloaded to your computer and there is no need to worry about clunky software. To listen to what you have saved, simply playback your files through Windows media player, VLC or iTunes. The simple one-touch activation allows you to conveniently record your phone calls even if you're caught off guard. All of these recorders can be used as independent body recorders which will allow for you to record face-to-face conversations no matter where you may be, giving you great flexibility when dealing with a child custody case, divorce, or verbal abuse at home or work. These devices are even great for law enforcement and secret shoppers.

8GB Pro Voice Recorder with 31 Day Standby Battery - Click Here: With 15 hours of battery life, a 31-day standby battery, time and date stamping, a triple microphone, landline recording options, and a speedy recharge time, you get all the features of a top-end recorder at a reasonable price. Whether your use an Android, iPhone, PC or Mac, the 8GB Pro Voice Recorder comes with all the accessories you'll need to record crystal clear audio, including a microphone that you can attach to your collar for hands-free use. It also comes with an easy-to-set-up attachment to record any landline call. A massive bonus to this device is that it comes with a voice-activated feature, perfect for on-the-fly call recording. This means you can set the recorder to start recording when it hears a sound. For a discreet playback option, you can also use the 8GB Pro Voice Recorder's headset. You never need to worry about the audio quality of your cell phone recordings on this device. It's simply superb and crystal clear, which means you'll catch both sides of the conversation every time! Compatible with most call recording apps, this device is a powerful digital voice recorder with the added functionality of Google voice. It's possible to slip this slim and light pro recorder into a pocket for hands-free use and hear the recording on playback. Or save your mp3 format recordings to ios, iPad, or whatever other device you use. Even the distance test holds up! The 8GB Pro Voice Recorder will pick up audio even when the device is 30 feet away. So you can even record your phone conversations when on speakerphone. Overall, the 8GB Pro Voice Recorder with 31 Day Standby is a top-of-the-line tool. Thanks to its accessories and easy-to-follow instructions, you'll discover just how easy it is to record your lectures, meetings, conversations, and more.

Bluetooth Cell Phone Voice Recorder - Click Here: Never miss an important call, lecture, or business meeting again! And, thanks to Bluetooth technology, voice recording has never been so simple. If you're looking for a great recorder that captures both cell phone calls and in-person recording, check out the 8GB Voice and Bluetooth Call Recorder. Perfect for use with your Android phone, or any Apple product, this recorder is very straightforward to use. You can pair it to virtually any cell phone in less than a minute. With the flip of a switch, you can also use this device to record in-person conversations. With its thin, light design, this recorder comes only with a USB end for charging. It doesn't require messy wires or cables. Avoid bulky, awkward recording devices of the past. Simply slip the 8GB Voice and Bluetooth Call Recorder into a pocket or set it on a table or shelf. With impressive audio capabilities, you'll receive quality playbacks recorded from your pocket or up to 30 feet in distance. Whether you're using a landline, mobile phone, earpiece, handset, VOIP Skype or Whatsapp, this Bluetooth Voice and Cell Phone recorder can store up to 144 hours of conversation. To download your audio files or charge the battery, simply insert the USB into a desktop or laptop. Then you can store them in Dropbox, your Google drive, or directly to your device memory. The only downside to this audio recorder is that the battery life is slightly on the lower end of things, making it less than ideal for capturing those lengthy outgoing calls or incoming calls. You'll get 20 hours with in-person phone call recording and 9 hours using the Bluetooth recording feature. However, if you're looking to record every day, hour after hour, you'll find other, more capable options on the market. However, if you're looking for a slim, easy-to-use device with the capability to record phone calls, then this is the recorder for you!

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