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Cell Phone Recorders

Cell Phone Recorders bannersIn this section you will find our professional cell phone audio recorders that work with your favorite iPhone or Android smartphones. Record telephone calls through your blue tooth connection on your cellphone or use our professional series digital voice recorder to record your land line calls or mobile phone calls.

Each unit can be downloaded to your computer and there is no need to worry about clunky software. To listen to what you have saved, simply play back your files through Windows media player, VLC or iTunes. The simple one touch activation allows for you to conveniently record your phone calls even if you're caught off guard.

All of these recorders can be used as an independent body recorder which will allow for you to record face to face conversations no matter where you may be, giving you great flexibility when dealing with a child custody case, divorce or verbal abuse at home or work. These devices are even great for law enforcement and secret shoppers.

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